Ovarian Cancer


Liz, born 1963, cervical/ovarian cancer patient, had 15 pound tumor, which MSK wanted to remove about Nov-Dec 1998. Insurance would not pay for the radical hysterectomy, which would offer her 8 months to a year survival. She started her program 12/15/98, pain reduced immediately. Approx. first week of Feb 1999, insurance approved surgery. On 2/17/99, after 2 months, 2 days on program, MSK attempted surgery, upon inserting scopes, they aborted surgery because testing revealed that all evidence of cancer was gone, further testing revealed that there was no evidence of cancer in her body, they sent her home with confused but good smiling faces. The following month, Liz was pregnant with a daughter, she had no morning sickness, no pregnancy related complications at all, nor any other illness. In December, after a totally natural delivery, now 2 years and 9 months later, the baby has never been sick except for a cough for 3 hours one day, and the mother has never been sick. The baby daughter is extremely healthy and happy with no problems of any kind.

UPDATE: 4/2/03, 1/27/04 - status excellent

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