Multiple Myeloma


Jon is born 1944, had MM, and was exhausted very often, the doctors wanted to do a stem plant procedure. He started the program shortly after they took some stem cells for the future transplant. Within a week after starting the program, he had energy beyond what he expected and his pain was gone. Because he already committed to the transplant, he went through with it. He recovered faster than the doctors ever saw and they were amazed. He has no signs of MM and he started to work and he feels like he was never sick, his doctors were impressed because they know that people generally never recover anywhere near that fast.

UPDATE: 1/25/04 - Excellent - Although there is no evidence of cancer anywhere, the doctors talked him into another Stem cell transplant as a precaution, as they really do not understand how this program works. The transplant will not hurt him and will give him comfort, we understand his concern, as it is a tough position to be in for such a decision.

Meanwhile, he is doing great !!!

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