Joe, born 1936, Dx early 2002. After various failed treatments, he had advanced mesothelioma in the lungs and pelvic area. He came to see us on April 15, 2003. He initially started the full amount, felt great, was able to breathe better within the same day. There were some adjustments to the body, such as diarrhea in the beginning and cramps a few times. We reviewed his diet and resolved the issues. Some people need a few days for the body to adjust to the corrective biochemical events. After 2 months, in mid-June, they called to say that they were disappointed because there was no change in the tumor size. We reminded them that the doctor expected advancement, therefore, the result was a good sign because it did not progress.

After another 2 months, mid-August, the report came back with "no evidence" in the lungs, however, there was still some evidence in the pelvic area, consistent with mesothelioma cases. He was very happy to see these results, unfortunately, he wanted to go to the maintenance level. Then, he stopped shortly after October 6, 2003, we did not hear from his family until the first week of February 2004.

The current status is that the lungs are still clear, however, the pelvic area has shown spreading, he has lost color and does not feel well. Our response was that he stopped the nutritional program in October, which allowed the original biochemistry to return and cause the environment for the body to produce the cancer cells. We try to explain this to everyone to prevent his from happening, too often they must learn the hard way.

We hope that he will start again before it is too late. We were so proud of his accomplishments. It would be sad to watch him deteriorate and fail simply because he stopped taking the program.

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