Lymphatic Cancer


Patti, born 1950 - Dx - Feb 2002 - Mantle "B" Cell Lymphoma. First symptoms were pain on left side of neck. Chronic neck pain was aggravated after a concussion, finally sent for biopsy. Feb 2001- biopsied left neck and left groin , suspicious, spent 2 weeks in MD Anderson in March 2001.

Upon Dx, refused conventional treatment. Instead, she altered her diet, took vitamins, herbs, 60 hours of oxygen/ with light beam generator, and biofeedback therapy. Cancer was stage 3, status was weak and not doing well. Started her nutritional program in April 2003, dosage 3.

After a month on program, biofeedback showed cancer to be dead cells, CT showed nodes decreasing. Still have nodes in neck region, but it is suspected that they are dead cells eventually being absorbed by the body.

Oncologist stated that she is doing well and that she is "breaking all the rules". There is still some swelling around the neck, however, it does cause some emotional discomfort and exercising causes her to worry a bit. Meanwhile, the nutritional program has increased her energy, she is not sick as often. There was a time when she felt a little ill, and she changed how she took her cod liver oil, and improved to a smarter diet, the problem resolved.

UPDATE: 1/22/04 - Status Excellent

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