Lymphatic Cancer


Evelyn F 's Diary regarding Lymphoma

September 29, 1999 - I went to see my doctor, Dr. K, because I had a lump on my left side of my abdomen. She sent me to Dr. O who specializes in that field.

Oct 4 - I went to see Dr. O and he did an examination and said I definitely had a lump so I was slated for a scope

Oct 14 - Dr. O did a Colonoscopy on my intestines. He said they are very healthy looking and that they were clear. A Cat scan was scheduled.

Oct 28 - A CAT scan was done at the Victoria Hospital.

Nov 12 - I went to see Dr. O and was informed that the intestines were alright but that I had an enlarged spleen. This suggested cancer and I was referred to Dr. M by my family doctor, Dr. K.

Nov 18 - I went to see Dr. M he did a thorough examination, chest x-ray, a number of blood tests, and also took some bone marrow for testing. An ultra-sound was scheduled.

Nov 25 - I had an ultra-sound done on my bladder (Obstetrical/Gyneacological) at the hospital.

Nov 30 - I went back to see Dr. M for the results and was informed that I had lymphoma. They detected it through the bone marrow. They did a few more blood tests. He advised me that I had 10 years left and that they would treat it as soon as they found out what type it was. Using medication or other treatments. He said the lymphoma can have started in the spleen. When asked if it was Hodgekins, he said it was non-Hodgekins. Sandra & Eleanor were at the appointment with me and were a great comfort when the news was given.

Dec 5 - My son came home and was given photocopies of a Vitamin Treatment that Fred Eichhorn, President of National Cancer Research Foundation had put together. My sister-in-law, Rose C, gave my son this copy. He made a copy for me and took the other home with him. He then contacted Fred Eichhorn via email and had the information emailed, c/w the diagrams and sketches. After studying this information, I decided along with my family to do the treatment.

Dec 15 - Went to see Dr. M again and was informed that they were not able to find out what kind of lymphoma it was but that it was low-grade (70%) and had probably not started in the bone marrow, only detected it there. Also said that low-grade lymphoma is like a long-term disease, you can never get rid of it. Now more tests were planned for January. I was feeling very weak in spite of the comment he made that I would live another 9-10 years.

Dec 16 - Dec 28 - I was feeling very weak and had to spend much time in bed. I did very little physical work.

Dec 28 - My son and I went out and bought the vitamins from Shoppers Drug Mart and A1 Nutrition.

Dec 29 - I began the nutritional program at one dosage, in pill form and liquid Milk Thistle.

January 1, 2000 - I was already beginning to feel a bit stronger and my stomach feels quite good.

Jan 3 - I went to dosage 2 - loose bowels, which I'm definitely not used to since I have always been troubled with constipation.

Jan 5 - I went to dosage 3

Jan 6 - I had diarrhea bad, so on the following day I quit the nutritional program for a day, because of not being sure if I was having the flu.

Jan 8 - I went back to Dosage 2 and stayed on it over the weekend.

Jan 10 - My son and I decided to put all the vitamins in the blender and then took it with juice or fruit, ice- cream or pudding, it might be easier on my stomach. It was better and worked well.

Jan 17 - I'm still on Dosage 2.

Jan 19 - Started Dosage 3 with no trouble at all. So I'm sure I had a touch of the flu.

Jan 20 - I'm back to routine now and doing well. I'm becoming stronger, but have not gained any weight.

Jan 24 - Today I had an appointment with at the hospital for another bone marrow test and some blood tests. Blood platelet was a bit lower than last time. This was done because Dr. M said the previous tests had not been clean enough and they cannot seem to pinpoint what type of Lymphoma it is. Doctor said that it was good that I was taking the nutritional program. I told him about the vitamin program. Doctor said that I would likely take Chemo next time. 100 blood platelet should be 150, does have to do with immune system, the white cells are completely normal. Spleen size has not changed at all. Asked what ph level was - they don't take it. Asked what blood calcium level was - 2.39 - normal being 2.10 - 2.55. I'm seeing my doctor again in 4 weeks.

Jan 25 - Feb 21 - Still on Dosage 3 and feeling good. The grinding up of the pills made it much easier to take and my body seemed to process it better.

Feb 21 - Had more blood tests in the morning. My weight up slightly since last time. Then went to see Dr. M and he checked me and told me the spleen had shrunk some more. 97000 count cell in bone was normal. Nothing showed up like the first time, not conclusive. The first time showed lots of lymphocytes and second time it didn't. The blood count, the spleen size, the symptoms, showed that there was nothing. He then said he was more confused then ever since they couldn't find a trace of lymphoma at all. My daughter was with me, and in the quietness of the moment, she shouted out, PRAISE THE LORD. The doctor and nurse smiled. My next appointment is set for May 11 for a CAT scan and May 26 to see the doctor again..

Feb 22 - Mar 2 - I stayed at the 3rd dosage.

Mar 3 - Went to dosage 2. I was feeling "full" on dosage 3 yet when I went to dosage 2 there was a feeling of weakness.

Mar 4 - Mar 11 - I'm feeling better now and plan to stay at this dosage until the end of March, and then go to Dosage 1 after that as maintenance.

I am very thankful for the miracle and the vitamin program that Fred Eichhorn put together. It has given me strength and energy.

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