Lymphatic Cancer


Connie - treated for lymphoma for many years came out of remission again in December 2003, this time it is recurrent and appeared aggressive. She did not want to repeat previous treatments because she was disappointed with the prior results. She was told that there were no other available treatments and that she had a short term survival expectancy. When she arrived here in January, her sinuses were severely swollen, she had congestion, breathing problems, weakness, poor mobility and dexterity, and swollen eyes. After two hours on the sample of the program, her sinuses cleared up to where the post nasal drip totally stopped, her voice was clear again, energy and mobility increased dramatically. Later that evening, her sister called to say that in the past, they usually get together for lunch at the diner, then she brings Connie home, Connie goes right to bed exhausted. This day, when they left us, they went to the mall, went to a few stores to buy various items, Connie was energetic when she got home. Now, two weeks later, she feels great, we cannot say that she is symptom-free, but she feels much better.

1/22/04 - Her doctor said she is showing great improvements.

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