Lung Cancer


Wanda was diagnosed with Small Cell Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer. 7/29/03: Enlarged lymph nodes, lost 10 lbs. Prev. did 6 mo. Chemo w/taxol & coroplatin but that made her worse. Now doing alternative trmts. Doing study of RX "Iressa" at Livingston Foundation, she is not sure if it is helping.

8/25/03: saw dr. 2 wks after starting her nutritional program - gained 5 lbs & hemoglobin increased - Dr. encouraged her to continue w/vitamins. Still taking Iressa also.

9/26/03: noticed reduction in nodules, some appear to be gone, having some fatigue (advised to drink fluids as daily temps still up to 102 in day and down to 90 at night, may be due to cleansing of system) next appt. w/oncologist is next month. Still taking Iressa.

We do know that she is doing very well. We asked for the update and hope to get the update soon.

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