Lung Cancer


To Whom it may concern:

I am Jean. My husband Ray was diagnosed with lung cancer in both lungs at the VA in Northport. After talking to one of his doctors who said that if Ray were his father, brother or son, he would say, "Do Nothing."

The other doctors wanted to crack his chest and we were not in favor of anything so radical. Ray, by the way, at the time, he weighed 142 lbs, from a normal weight of 175 lbs. You know of course that it is common to lose weight with cancer.

So, we went to Freddie, Ray tried the program and felt that he wanted to do it, as, after taking the first dose, he felt a little alive.

After about 4 days, he was in much better spirits and was feeling better. He is also a converted skeptic..

Needless to say, he is doing very well at this point in time. He has gained all his weight back plus 5 more pounds.

It is very hard for me to be very cut and dry about the program because I have seen in this past year many changes in not only my husband, but also many people that I have had the honor of talking to and meeting through Freddie. I myself use the program because I know that if you are going to do vitamins/minerals of any kind, this is the one to take, hands down. I have over the years walked many paths to get to a point then when I awake in the morning, it is not an effort to get out of bed.

Well, now after all this being said, if you want to contact Ray or I, please feel free to do so.

By the way, Ray is 78 and I will be 72 just before Christmas 2005..So, if we can do it, anyone can..

I wish you only the best for you and others.


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