Lung Cancer


Jessie was brought to us by his son, a doctor on June 1, 2003. He had advanced lung cancer, because his son knew of our work from other patients with good results. He started program 6/1/03 at the full amount. After a few days, he was able to breathe better and was not tired, his chest was no longer tight. He was feeling fine. Early 9/03, Drs. put him on chemo through 10/28/03, he was very sick and lost 25 pounds. CT showed no benefit. From 10/28 - 12/28, he was only on the program, He improved greatly, he had his normal color back, and energy, and gained back his weight, CT then showed significant shrinkage.

Because he was doing so well, they started him on the previous treatments again, he became sick again, lungs filled up with fluid, went to ER for a drainage, he got a staph infection in the lung that did not have cancer, the antibiotics made him more sick. He passed away on January 18, 2004, from the infection in the non-cancerous lung. The cancer was diminished and not part of his cause of death. Our hearts go out to his son and family.

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