Lung Cancer


Howard was Dx in December 2001, advanced lung cancer with no available treatment. He came to see us in January 2002, started his program at dosage 4. He showed steady improvements, in June 2002, tests showed "no evidence" of cancer. He was quite happy. In July, they found a spot and were not sure whether it was scar tissue or a tumor. The doctor told him that they need to do radiation and chemo as a precaution. After that, he did not have strength in his one arm as a result of the radiation. He was disappointed because he did not have the pain before. The radiologist told him that the pain was from the aggressive cancer. We asked him, "What cancer" He went to a different oncologist who confirmed that he was suffering from "radiation burns" and that the spot was scar tissue, adding that he did not see any evidence of cancer.

He decided to go on vacation, went to Puerto Rico in September. Halfway through, he had to return and went to the hospital for increased morphine for the pain. He passed away shortly after that, from the radiation burns and "no evidence of cancer." Howard was a lovely sweet man, we will miss him dearly.

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