Lung Cancer


Anthony, born early-1940's, was dx in December 2002, with mets to the brain. He and the family were devastated, he was unable to get out of bed without getting exhausted. Started his nutritional program at Christmas time, he had improved energy and less difficulty breathing. In January 2003, he was energetic again and able to get around. In April, the surgeon tested him again because he was energetic and without symptoms. Tests showed "no evidence" of cancer in the lungs or the brain, the surgeon remarked that he never saw this before and was quite thrilled.

In June, he fell in the kitchen, hurt himself, and went to see the doctor about the pain. Although no tests were performed, the doctor told him that the pain was from the cancer and disregarded the issue of falling. He was hospitalized and died in a few days from the morphine overdose. We were very upset and his wife and son were extremely upset by this shock, we firmly believe that he did not die of cancer. We see many cases where the family is too distraught to demand an autopsy. Those who did demand an autopsy found that there was no cancer in the body and that the person died from the medical treatment or morphine, and that there was no cancer, therefore no need for the treatment or morphine. Anthony was like a friend to us, and his son was so gentle and kind, we feel so bad for him, he was so dedicated to his dad, our hearts are with Anthony's family, and we needed to make it clear that this wonderful man did not die from cancer.

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