Liver Cancer


Letter from Juleigh to her friend Lisa, explaining the benefits she saw in a severe case

Hi Lisa,

I would love to know why you do not want to at least try what I suggested that worked for me? You and I have (had) literally the exact symptoms, the exact diagnosis right down to the letter. Heck, we both had people on here telling us we should 'get together' because our situations sounded so similar! Why in the world would you want to keep on going like this? I know of the expense both monetary and personal, that has come with trying to figure out what is wrong with us...I know because we pay the freaking MD bills every month! The new Lab tech or whomever it was that said they want to check your calcium is right on, Lisa...I dare them to check the Ph level in your urine as well. Let me say one more thing and this is another testimonial from someone I work with who's Aunt has third stage Liver Cancer. When I went back to work, they all asked me what happened, did I recover so quickly and my friend, Nora asked me alone about this program because of her Aunt. I put her in contact with Fred's website, last weekend Nora went to Milwaukee to go and find the over-the-counter brand vitamins in her store with her Aunt, she wrote out the schedule of what to take, how much, etc...everything! Well, today, Nora came to my desk with tears in her eyes and sort of this disbelief/shock, her Aunt went to shoot pool this Saturday night which she has not done in an entire year!!! She said she felt better in two days, Lisa!! TWO DAYS!!! This is a woman who is in her sixties, has put her entire life in the MD's hands all her life yet when Nora told her about my suggestion, she LISTENED and TRIED it! I am writing this to you because I care, Lisa. I am not saying that MD's do not know what they are doing, they save lives, they help, they fix, but let's face it, they are not higher beings and they cannot fix everything. This is what lead ME to search out other methods of treatment, Lisa. Every scenario in life has it's purpose and reason for existence, I think we all can say that comfortably. If one thing, program, regimen or whatever - works for people with similar conditions as yours and mine, Lisa and they are thriving today even as we type and read, I say what have you got to lose? Aren't you tired of battling this? Aren't you weary of the doctor's telling you either you're nuts or you're ill? One doc says this, the next one says that...this is how it has gone since I've been sick, too!! So, Lisa...I am just concerned, not worried, you are a grown woman with a family, I am sure you are just as sick of being sick as I was.

UPDATE: 4/2/03 - status unknown . Juleigh has been doing well but moved to an unknown address.

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