Liver Cancer


This is a note from a liver cancer patient who was told by the VA Hospital on 3/2/00 that his liver cancer was so severe that he was given 3 weeks to live, he lost 40 pounds in 1 month and had 28 lesions. He came to see me immediately. He then went to the store to by the individual bottles of OTC nutritional supplements. After 4 days, his liver pain was gone and he was regaining his bodily functions back to normal. He went to get his MRI and Cat scans again, he showed consistent improvements.

Date: 8/3/00 11:57:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To: FEichhorn

Hi Fred

Well, I had my appointment with the V.A. yesterday and all in all I think it was a good report I lost another pound I am now 140 the good part is my blood work does not show any signs of cancer. The cat scan I had still shows lesions on the liver but the liver is half the size it was. I sort of knew that because I could not feel it anymore so I will stay on the vitamins and see what happens in the future maybe I will start to gain weight soon hope to hear from you soon Donald - August 3, 2000

UPDATE: Donald started reducing the amount of vitamins immediately after the favorable report. I told him to continue the high dosage for a while and monitor it according to blood work results. He refused to get checked and took no vitamins after January 2001. In August 2002, he had problems with pain, tests revealed reoccurrence, he refused to take any medication or vitamins and called hospice in October 2002. He passed away in February 2003. We were so sad because he did nothing to help himself, it was almost like he gave up.

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