Kidney Cancer


From: Patricia D
Sent: Tuesday, September 12, 2006 8:12 PM
To: Fred Eichhorn
Subject: PET SCAN results!!

Hi Freddie,

Well, I finally got my Pet scan approved! I went down to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America's Philadelphia facility.

When speaking with them beforehand, they seemed confident that they would get the insurance to cover the cost as they said it is all in the way it is coded. They where right!

Additionally, I really liked the place because they are open to all the elements that help people heal, conventional oncology, diet, naturopathy, mindbody, spirituality. I however, went for the Pet scan and met a wonderful doctor who was very interested and excited about the program. He once was with the National Institute of Health and said he was not one to look outside the box before coming to CTCA but now he is very open to alternatives. He was anxious for me to meet with their doctor of Naturopathy.

Ironically, the Dr. of Naturopathy disapproved of the amount of A&D and vitamin E in the program.. I said, "would you like to read over the literature I brought with me, this has helped so many people..." She replied, "I'll stick with the literature that's out there which backs up my concerns with these dosages. You only have one kidney and this is very hard on the liver." I told her I'd been on the program for well over a year and was doing great. I listened to her suggestions and said adios! . As it was just my initial interview , I didn't have my glowing bloodwork results in front of me.

When I got my test results, I did not want to meet with her again. I can't waste my time on close minded people.

Undoubtedly, she would rather I prescribed to the regimen she offers what ever that is. The oncologist, Dr. Willis, was very happy with my results and told me to keep doing what I'm doing and return in 4 months at which time the insurance will cover another PET and we can monitor things. I left him the manuscript.

The tumor on my adrenal and one lymph node lit up but it doesn't seem to be thriving or growing and is not affecting gland function. I'm going to increase my dosage and consistency taking more and see if I can knock it out by my next visit. I've also attached my blood work results and am still waiting for a copy of a morse, moss ??, blood test which is more accurate regarding tumor changes/markers.

I need to let Dr. Diaz know of my decision to travel to Philadelphia rather than L.I. I really liked her and wished she was closer but I need to take the path of least resistance right now. Would you send me and email address or forward this to her if you can.

The work you've done on the house looks amazing and I see wonderful things ahead in that environment. God bless your plans and work.

I've still a lot of work here including unpacking, but it's all good.

Love and blessings,

Copy of a letter sent to a person asking for help


I have been on the program since April of 2005. I was diagnosed with kidney cancer in September of 2002, and had my left kidney and adrenal gland removed in Dec. '02.

In July of "03 I started a trial of Peg Interferon at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. I was on the interferon for one year. It made me depressed and my hair got thin and dull, I lost my appetite and 20 lbs. I was happy to stop it as it did not kill the tumor that was on my remaining adrenal gland. It did not grow while I was on it and it did not get smaller. My oncologist at SKCC said there were some promising drugs on the horizon and agreed that I could stop the weekly injections.

In Sept. of 03 I had surgery on a benign tumor that was on the outside of my brain. The surgeon that removed it said it would never give me a problem. He attributed the breaking down of the tumor and my subsequent illness to my being on the interferon. My oncologist said it could not be proven to be the result of the interferon.

In March of 05 I was told I had tumor growth in my remaining kidney. I was advised to go on a trial medication call Iressa and Surgen. Two drugs that had not been used together before. Iressa had been used on lung cancer patients and two weeks after I was offered the new trial, I read the Lung cancer trial was discontinued as it was not prolonging the patients lives. I was concerned about the side effects on the trial medications ie: heart problems, weight loss, eye problems, burning palms and feet, itching of skin. etc. My son is getting married in October and I wanted to be feeling well for that occasion. PLUS, I did not have any peace about using the trial medication. I had little faith in it and I knew that would affect the outcome. I knew from former experiences that a lack of peace about something is God's way of showing me it is not his will.

I was upset to hear of the new tumor growth in my kidney, but I did not want to die from a drug as I had seen my mother in law and father in law do. I decided to call Fred after a friend had his information sent to me. Fred was most generous with his time and gave me the number of a man name Joe who survived a worse fate than mine. Joe is 82 years old. He was also very encouraging as he is now cancer free. Another man name Jim had Kidney Cancer and used the program and he called me after Fred contacted him. He was also very encouraging and generous with his time, He too is cancer free now. I started program on April 4th at six doses a day. I experienced diarrhea, and found that to be a minor inconvenience compared to the side effects of the doctors medications. I thought it was from the cod liver oil. But recently I stopped the cod liver oil for a week and it made little difference so I suspect the minerals contribute to the problem of watery bowl movements.

My recent blood work shows my thyroid is functioning normally. It was almost not functioning in Jan. 03. Fred explained that there is a link between the thyroid and cancer. My pH is now normal at 8 and my tumor markers are in the normal range (they indicate whether you have tumor activity or not), mine showed no activity. I find this encouraging and will have another scan in a few months. The constant dull ache in my back (my kidney) subsided in early July. I feel it only occasionally not all the time as before.

You must take the program faithfully throughout the day. I just mix the plain double scoop of minerals with water and drink it down. It is the easiest way for me. The more one gets in to the system the faster it is going to start doing the work.

I hope your friend has the courage to try this and believe in it. I will pray for her.

Patricia D

Dateline of events Sept 2002 - July 2006

Sept. of 2002 - after a scan for Osteopororis a 9cm tumor was discovered on my left kidney and a smaller tumor on my right adrenal.After an MRI a meningioma was found in my head. Initially, I was told it was a matetesis. (Please excuse my spelling on medical terms).

December of 2002, the kidney and left adrenal was removed. Ironically, the adrenal was healthy but too entangled to save. The right adrenal remained with its mass. I had been to two doctors before deciding on Dr. Russo at MSKCC. and I went with him because he did not want to remove any of the adrenals.

January 2002, I started seeing a Oncologist at MSKCC, Dr. Motzer. He monitored my adrenal with cat scans and suggested a trial of PEG INTERFERON.

July 2003, I started the trial. After a year of weekly shots, low blood counts,20 lbs lost and depression, the tumor was still there and about the same size Dr. Motzer said I could stop the trial. I decided to take the summer off from trips to NYC and bi-monthly Cat scans. I said "See you in September." I was so happy to get away from it all that it became my theme song-but not for long..

August 2004 I began having dizzy spells and vomiting which escalated and landed me in the local emergency room. I was thinking I had a tooth acting up-but after two visits to the E.R. in one day they admitted me and told me I had a tumor in my head that had to come out. After a month on Dexamethzone, the drug from hell, I returned to Dr. Gutin at MSKCC, a neurosurgeon who asked what I had done to disturb a meningioma which should never have bothered me. I said, " I've been on a trial for Peg Interferon.", Dr. Gutin said "that's it!".

September 2004 - surgery by Dr. Gutin at MSKCC.

December 2004 - I returned to see Dr. Motzer and had another scan, I was told once again that growth of the tumor was minimal. I had been off the interferon for five months. He mention a promising drug "coming down the track" that he was very excited about. He also said there was no evidence to implicate the interferon in the break down of my meningioma. (I went with Dr. Gutin's expert opinon.)

March 2005 - I returned with a new cat scan to Dr. Motzer who informed me, much to my shock, that the tumors in my kidney had grown. I had never been told I had tumors in my kidney before and expressed my dismay. He looked at me like a deer in headlights. Anyway, he suggested I had no time, because I didn't have a lot of time to waste until this new trial would be approved. I felt pressured and didn't want to start on the trial which was very involved with my getting into NYC and the possible side effects grabed my concern. When expressed, the nurse said "don't worry it won't happen to you." I replied "everything happens to me!" I had adverse reactions to my anesthia and morphine after my first surgery. The promising drug which was "the best thing to come down the track in 20 years" was a combo of Surgen and Iressa. When I returned home, I called and told the nurse, that I had decided against the trial. A few weeks later I saw on T.V. that a trial of one of the drugs, I believe the Iressa which had been run on lung cancer patients had been stopped because it did not prolong life.

April 2005, I called Fred Eichhorn, my friend Joan told me she got a call from a friend on L.I. whose brother had cancer and who tried a program he developed and his cancer was gone. I began 6 doses daily, as soon as the overnight package arrive.

July 2005 I started seeing Dr. Diaz, as she believed in the program as well, she saw great results in others. My insurance company denied two PET scan request from Dr. Diaz as well as my letter of appeal.

April 2006 - I had a CAT scan ( the first in a year), It showed little change. But Fred and Dr. Diaz stressed a PET scan was needed to determine if the spots in my kidney where indeed dead or live cancer cells.

July 2006 -I emailed the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Philadelphia. They said they used PET scans and I made an appointment to see Dr. Willis.

I had a pet scan and it shows that the adrenal is cancer, but has not grown and one lymph node behind my kidney also lit up.

The Doctor was amazed at my blood work and general health and happy with the scan- he offered no other plan.

I am doing GREAT !!!!!!!!!!

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