Esophageal Cancer


Joe - born 1962, smoked a cigar many years, developed throat cancer. After failed chemo and radiation treatments and no promising hope, he was selling properties he owned in preparation to die because the cancer was so far advanced. He heard about this program during the summer of 2000 and tried it. As a result, after 3 months, his test results showed no evidence of cancer and the damage from the radiation treatments were resolving and he was able to move his head again and move his arms without any pain. He also had rotator cuff problems for years before the diagnosis, which was painful before he met me.

By the spring of 2001, he felt so good that he was his son's baseball coach for the little league team and he pitched the balls to the kids. He reduced the amount of vitamins from the full amount down to the maintenance amount during the summer of 2001. In January 2003, there was a small spot that showed up again in his throat, the surgeon took part of it out, he then increased back up to full amount again immediately, In May 2003, the checkup showed no signs of any cancer anywhere and he was quite happy again.

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