Colon Cancer


Wayne had colon cancer, the surgeons removed 12 inches of his colon and told him that would give him some time. After that surgery, he had difficulty digesting his food and always had pain. About a month or so after that surgery, he started his nutritional program. He followed it exactly. He felt better in two days while on the standard amount, he then doubled the amount. After a few days, he was pain free and felt great. He went out and plowed 5 acres, cut wood and did a lot of work that most people could never do.

Then, after two weeks, he was getting diarrhea and could not take the program, nor eat. After a few more weeks, he went on a trip into the mountains, and came home in pain but not on pain meds. He had his scan on 7/3/03, It turned out that the liver was enlarged, it was the first time we saw the program to fail with the liver. We analyzed the information and the doctors agreed with me that the surgery to remove the colon prevented him from absorbing the needed nutrients and that without this program, he would not have survived as well as he did. During the last days of July, he declined and passed away in August. His wife Joan was so sweet and supportive for him and helped him get through. It spread so fast before he came to us, we were able to slow it down, but not enough. We were so sad because nobody deserves this, especially such kind people as this family.

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