Colon Cancer


John - born 1928, Dx November 2001 with colon cancer. It was so severe that they could not insert any testing tools because the blockage was so large and tight. The doctors wanted to do immediate resection and take out 12 inches of his colon, in addition to a colostomy bag. He flatly refused. The doctors were adamant that without the immediate surgery, he would be faced with a colostomy bag, they added, "if you live that long !!" He searched and found the nutritional program to fit his needs and decided to try it at that time. In March 2003, his doctor told him that there was no blockage, no tumor, "No evidence of cancer" He did not understand what happened and wanted to do tests to find out why. They refused to provide his medical records. We are still waiting for the doctor's letter to verify accuracy.

After there was no evidence of cancer, he decided on his own to go on the maintenance level. During the summer of 2003, he was looking pale. We encouraged him to see another doctor who would be interested in him as a patient without an ego. The wonderful doctor he is using followed him closely and is monitoring his condition. His hemoglobin was down, treated him for that with Procrit, which helped him greatly.

In December 2003, testing showed some evidence of cancer, but extremely minimal when compared to the original. He realized that the maintenance might not be enough, he went back to a higher amount. He felt an immediate difference, feels great again, his color, energy, stamina have improved greatly. He is all over the place, he is not an idle man of any sort. Another series of tests will be due in June.


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