Colon Cancer


Jason J - born mid-1967, advanced. Had surgery summer 2002. with Mayo Clinic in MN, on trial for oxocilioplatnum, found the vitamins made him feel better and get through the chemo, Drs. know program and approved him to take it. He is feeling improvements that were not expected. We will monitor progress.

UPDATE: 5/13/03 - He went for a vaccination trial at Mayo Clinic, he is very sick, having severe diarrhea

UPDATE: 6/23/03 - Since he took the vaccine, he declined quickly, which we have seen happen to others. He stopped taking our program and nobody answered the phone again, we do not know what happened.

UPDATE: 1/23/04 - Jason declined and never recovered from the vaccine. He passed away on August 6, 2003. His mom was so sweet and was such a strong support for him. We felt so bad because she did.

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