Colon Cancer


Duane, born 1923, a retired pharmacist, has colon cancer, 16" of the colon was removed, he tried chemos and soon was no longer able to get around or walk any long distances. He reduced the 5FU to 1/5 of the regular dosage and started the program in June 2002, at dosage 4. His stamina improved and he now plays tennis and exercises regularly, has no pain anywhere, his immune panel shows excellent results, cholesterol is down, thyroid is up to normal, WBC rose from 30 up to 74. Scans showed a 2/3 reduction in tumor size and ultrasound showed no evidence of any lesions.

UPDATE: Dec. 2003 - Duane was doing so well until he got pneumonia. He died from pneumonia, not cancer. This was such a shame because he was a positive thinker and played golf and tennis as often as a younger person. He was always kind, gentlemanly and interesting to talk to. Our hearts are with his family.

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