Breast Cancer


Valerie was diagnosed with breast cancer which metastasized in the lungs. She had severe sinus congestion, difficulty breathing, headaches and back pain. She came to see us on November 22, 2003. Within 3 hours, she was able to breathe a lot better, sinuses cleared up, and the heavy chest feeling diminished. After she went home, it did not stay as wonderful, however, she felt much better over all, and she was able to accomplish more in the day without getting tired.

The one issue that needed attention was diarrhea, which required analyzing her diet and reducing some cod liver oils. We also realized that some of the meds she was on also cause diarrhea, and she has been able to reduce them as time continued, she felt the improvements and had less diarrhea. Internally, she could feel that she was doing better. Her doctor said that after one month, he saw dramatic improvements, he was quite happy. She is supposed to see him again soon, meanwhile, she feels very good.

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