Breast Cancer


Marianne - born 1934, dx BC in 1999, now recurrent with lymphatic and bone involvement. Started her nutritional program and added 1 gram vit C, and no other treatment, she now feels great. In addition, her original hair color came back and she is no longer gray haired. She is quite happy.

I am Steve H's sister. I spoke with you at a Lindenhurst seminar last summer along with my daughter-in-law, Debi, who has level 3 or 4 cancer. She is undergoing chemo now and I would like to know if there is someone who you know who is undergoing chemo but is also taking the nutritional program and having good results so that Debi could contact that person. Her doctors have told her not to take all the vitamins while undergoing chemo but I think she might feel differently if she could talk to a ecovering patient who is in fact recovering with the nutritional program.

I also had breast cancer 2 yrs ago. I am taking the maintenance amount [about half the dosage...I weigh 103]...I also add vit c every other day. Since I have started them about 1 yr ago, my hair has almost all returned to its original color, become thicker and now is curly. I am 6 yrs older than Steve. Do you know what vitamins can cause that? I was astonished. When I first discovered the hair changed, I thought I had some kind of a fungus or disease as my scalp appeared brown instead of white one day in the mirror. I was horrified until I looked closer and saw it was the roots of my hair instead. I still can't believe it.

Marianne S 12/22/01

UPDATE: 4/2/03 , 1/17/04 - status excellent

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