Breast Cancer


Jeannie, a registered nurse, was diagnosed with Estrogen Positive Breast Cancer in Feb 2002. There were no previous signs, a lump was detected by a mammogram. Did not have annual Mammograms. Lumpectomy in March 2002. Upon pathology report indicated Estrogen Pos Hers 2 on 4/4/02, had partial mastectomy with one node positive. Chemo - 6 cycles adriamycin cytoxin/taxotere followed by 6 weeks of radiation therapy.

In December 2002, there was no evidence of cancer detected, started her nutritional program at that time. Exams every 3 months since, blood work is always normal and no evidence of cancer. Since starting her nutritional program, overall health has improved, she looks and feels better, previous constipation has stopped.


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