Breast Cancer


Debbie - born 1959, Dx breast cancer with bone, lymph node and liver involvement, not given any hope in April 2001. She started her nutritional program Dec. 2001, started to feel better shortly after that. After she started to feel better, her doctor wanted her to take mild chemo. Today after combining her nutritional program with mild chemo, she feels fine with no side effects to speak of. The doctors did : 2 CT's, 2 MRI's, & 1 MUGA scan because they could not find any evidence of cancer and her markers were 14, which is very normal. She plans to be retested shortly again, she feels better emotionally and can enjoy her 2 young kids. She found that this fights off her colds and flu as well.

UPDATE: 4/2/03 excellent: 7/2/03 cancer markers are so low that they are better that those with no cancer.

UPDATE: 1/15/04 status - excellent.

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