Breast Cancer

Ann W.

Ann W . - Born 1953. Breast cancer - recurrent.

Dear Fred,

Late in 2000, I was diagnosed with recurrent breast cancer, I was originally diagnosed with fibrocystic conditions, and eventually breast cancer in July 1997. In July 1997, I had a left mastectomy. From September 1997 - October 2000, I had a strict macrobiotic diet-life style. In October 2000, I was hospitalized for 2 weeks for a fractured T-10 in my back, I was given radiation to T-10, neck and left hip. I started Arimedex at that time. In January 2001, I spent 3 weeks in a Denmark cancer clinic, received: 3 treatments of hyperthermia, vitamin program and 4 homeopathic injections daily. After I left the clinic, from January 2001 through November 2001, I continued the injections, vitamins, and Arimedex. I stopped because my condition got worse instead of better.

I was off the Arimedex and started a new program under my doctor's guidance, it included: vitamins, 4 coffee enemas daily, 8 fresh juices daily, and I started Tamoxifen. In a few short months, my condition became worse.

In April 2002, I had a pelvic fracture and had radiation treatments, I had a weakened right hip.

In May 2002, I was at my worst. My May 22, 2002 bloodwork showed the CA 27.29 marker was at "3320". Between the radiation and cancer taking up so much space in my bones, my HGB was at it's lowest "7.4". At that point, my oncologist recommended 2 units of blood if my HGB did not show improvement at my next appointment.

I was then taken off Tamxifen and started Armisen and started the new nutrition program on June 10, 2002. My June 18, 2002 blood test showed my marker dropped from 3320 down to 2524 and HGB was up to 8.8. I was very happy.

The following tests will show steady improvements and tumor reduction. My markers fluctuate between 700 and 900. As each day passes, I am feeling better and better, stronger and stronger. Thank God the numbers improve monthly.

UPDATE: 4/2/03 & 1/27/04 - Ann still continues to feel improvements, the markers fluctuate between 700 & 900, which is a marked improvement from 3,300.

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