Breast Cancer


Andrea had breast cancer in late 1996, recurred again in Jan. 1999, revealing recurrent breast cancer, with bone, lymphatic and monosarcoma involvement. Sloan Kettering said that there was nothing that they could do and told her that she had 2 months to live. Meanwhile, She went to the University Hospital, where Dr. P treated her with chemo and radiation, he told her it was palliative and would help her live a few additional months due to the degree of spread. Upon first treatment, she was totally nauseous, bedridden and she declined further treatment.

She and her husband came to see me right after that, the end of January 1999, we discussed the options, she started the program on Feb 1. Her nausea went away and she felt better. Upon additional chemo treatments, she no longer had any ill feelings and felt that there was a light at the end of the tunnel again. As of June 8, there were only traces of cancer, which they wanted to aspirate.

On June 18th, they aborted the aspiration because they could no longer find anything. In September 1999, they did a full series of MRI & Cat scans, confirmed that there is no cancer evident in her body. She was declared cancer free.

Dear Fred,

I hope you received Sam's last e-mail. Since then I have had my follow-up visit with Dr. P. He showed us the X-Rays and everything looks great. Sam did speak with Dr. P about your ideas and program and explained how you wanted to speak with him about it. He was very receptive and took down your name and phone number, and said that he would call you.

He is also into alternative therapy, acupuncture. Please be sure to contact him if hasn't called in a few days. Perhaps this will be your break through. I hope so! I'll keep taking the pills for the next month and then start to wean myself off of them, but should I keep taking one dose each day after that, or does it depend on my ph level?

I thank you for all of your support and prayers during my time of need. Hope to hear from you soon - Andrea

UPDATE: She felt great, but on her own, decided to stop the program totally when she was told shat she was cancer free. Taking 150 pills daily was more than she could do. She never took them again. During the spring of 2001, recurrent symptoms revealed, she still refused the program and unfortunately passed away in the fall of 2001. It was sad because she was doing so well, she decided to stop and let the chips fall, she was such a sweet woman. I am sad about this because if I had been able to formulate the capsule version sooner, maybe she would have decided to take the capsules to restore her condition. We cannot dwell on unknowns, but Andrea will always be in our hearts.

UPDATE: 4/2/03 status unknown but we understand she is doing well.

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