Brain Cancer


We have helped many brain cancer patients, our observations have shown the relationship between brain cancer and cell phones is due to the battery, not the antennae. We find that most tumors are lined up exactly to the battery location and nowhere near the antennae.

Antennas receive radio waves, they do not draw radio waves to them, not can they change the directional path of a radio wave. Radio waves are emitted and travel in a direction, they do not curve nor change direction, an antennae does not cause a concentration of radio waves. Which is why an area that has a bad area doe radio waves will provide poor reception compared to areas where the radio waves pass through without restriction.

A battery is chemistry, positive/ negative fields with specific frequencies. When you look at the location of the tumors, they tend to be near the battery, not the antennae. In addition, the antennae is sticking out away from the face, where as the battery is up against the body in the area where they typically find the tumor. The electromagnetism creates an electronic field between the battery and the cells in the body. The brain has electromagnetism that reacts with the battery, this changes the DNA in the cells to cause different electronic information in the nerve cells and results in the body making cells based on the altered information. When you understand the chemistry causing electromagnetism and electronic fields with a battery, then it will make sense.

A hearing aid is only 1.5 Volts compared to 3.7 - 5-0 volts in a cell phone battery. The voltage in a hearing aid is low enough to cause minimal or prevent noticeable damage.

If you plug a line into the phone for a head set and talk into the headset, with no batteries, that is not dangerous. Except a hearing aide with a battery 1.5 volts or less, any earpiece with a battery more than 1.5 volts will generate an electronic field to cause DNA/cell/genetic mutation to lead towards cancer cell production.

If you analyze the mechanics of a radio wave and antennae relative to cancer, it does not add up

If you analyze the mechanics of a cell phone battery relative to cancer and the location of the tumor, it makes perfect sense.

Microwaves are dangerous because they do emit a high concentration of radio waves, which changes the direction of one of the two electrons in a water molecule, causing the two electrons to cross each other, causing resistance, causing heat, which cooks the food. Basically, you are creating an electronic short and the heat generated by that short is what cooks the food. Therefore, as long as it is hot, there is an electric short in place. This is a terrible health hazard because the electronically shorted food is in your stomach affecting other chemistries in your stomach and body.

While radio waves will cause biochemistry changes when uses in a microwave, the cell phone antennae does not alter the natural path of a radio wave. The battery is the concern.

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