Brain Cancer


Louis, age unknown, treatments were radiation, physical therapy, and speech therapy, which were not helping him improve. The swelling became more severe, they gave him Dexadryl to keep the swelling down, which was not helpful. He started his nutritional program in early January, the swelling immediately started to reduce, he became more alert.

He wanted to read the information we offered to him.

While in the hospital, he lost use of his left side. The doctors told him that it was because of the meds that they had to give him, or it could have been from the tumor. He was not able to get around, he also lost 20 pounds while in the hospital. The doctors told him earlier that he would never regain his strength, however, while on his nutritional program, his strength started to improve. As he regained strength, he was able to go back home again. He still takes naps, however, he feels great when he wakes up. He has been gaining weight, about one pound daily at this point.

At first, he could only read a paragraph at a time and would need to rest in between, however, before his nutritional program, he could not focus or concentrate to read at all. After a while, on the program, he was able to focus better, he can read a few pages at a time before he needs to rest his eyes. 1/27/04.

UPDATE 3/9/04: he is traveling now.

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