Brain Cancer


OK, how do I explain this one, hmmmm

John lives about 10 - 15 miles from me. He had brain cancer, in the base of the stem, non-operable because it was so large.

He started this about Jan-Feb, by May, there was no evidence of cancer. He stopped, figured he was cured and no longer needed it anymore. I cannot tell anyone what to do, it is their choice. A month ago, there was evidence of a recurrence, his doctor wanted to do immediate surgery while it was still small.

He refused and started 6 dosages immediately, felt better and was not concerned. His doctor continued to call numerous times, he gave in and had the surgery even though he was feeling better.

He had the surgery last Friday, Nov 11, 2005. Upon surgery, the surgeon found that at least half the cancer cells were dead and it was mush. He really did not need the surgery.

He was home in two days, up on his feet and getting around easily. This past Saturday, Nov 19, he come out to see us, he walked and acted totally normal as if he was never sick.

He took off his hat and the scar was already skin color. One week, healed and scar was normal skin color.

Needless to say, this very sweet man was very happy. His doctor had no interest in this.



It is common to have swelling as a result of brain surgery, but John had virtually no swelling of any kind. A few weeks later, although he did not have swelling, the doctor wanted to insert a stent "Just in case" he gets any swelling, and assured him that it was a standard preventative measure and an easy procedure. As a result, he got a massive staph infection which infected the brain, he died as a result of the infection, yet, he did not have swelling and did not have cancer. We were absolutely distraught. This man and his wife are so sweet, it was a terrible shame.

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