Brain Cancer


Donna, born 1971, originally dx 2000 with had breast cancer, later found in the lung, found in the brain January 2004. She was told that there was nothing more that they could do to help her. When she came to see us, she was wearing oxygen tubes with a tank, set at 2 per hour. She was uneasy and exhausted. Upon the first hour of her nutritional program, she did not need the oxygen and felt more energetic and felt that she had better comprehension. After 3 hours, she was more alert, walked around the room with better mobility and her reflexes were better, her eyes were brighter, her sinuses cleared up, and her voice was clear by the time she left on the fifth hour. It was impossible to take away that smile she wore. We have seen many wonderful experiences with people, this had to be one of the most impressive and exciting meetings that took place.

After a few days, she was trying to improve her diet to quality food and to eliminate the diarrhea, which adjusted easily. She reported that she still needed the oxygen after that time, however, the requirement was reduced. As this report is only one week after initial start, there is no long term effects to note. Short term report includes only positive effects and great improvement in how she feels, breathes, reduced pain, improved thinking/ comprehension, reduced swelling, and feeling better overall. Each day she can feel a noticeable improvement and is quite happy about this progress. 2/1/04

UPDATE: 2/5/04 - To everyone's shock and upset, Donna was also battling pneumonia as a result of an invasive test, she was given antibiotics for it earlier in this week, she became ill during the antibiotic treatment, and passed away at 2:30 AM Thursday, February 5, 2003. Our hearts go out to Dean. Dean and Donna were such a beautiful couple, this situation is why were work so hard to reach people sooner to help them before major problems interfere.


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