Brain Cancer


Craig, mid 20's had a seizure at the end of October 2003, due to a brain tumor, which was apparently increasing in size. When he came to us, his sinuses were swollen, he coughed a lot, had post nasal drip, had headaches, difficulty with comprehension and neurological problems. An hour after trying the nutritional program, his sinuses cleared up and post nasal drip stopped. By the 4th hour, the swelling in his face reduced dramatically, his voice was more clear, and he felt more clear-headed. He said that he was going to continue with the program because he felt so great. A few days later, he said he felt great as though he had no problem, we explained that he still had the tumor and needed to be cautious. We have not seen him for a while because he had enough supply to last another month or two.

UPDATE: 1/27/04 Excellent

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