Bladder Cancer


Tommy, born 1942, was diagnosed with Bladder cancer in 2001, left base, flat in situ urothelial carcinoma, high grade, non-invasive. Ureteroneocsytostomy performed 6/11/01. Follow up care in Jan 2002. Over the next year, he developed problems with healing, cholesterol and triglycerides increased out of range. He started his nutritional program in December 2002 to see if it might help. Healing improved dramatically, pain decreased, cholesterol & triglyceride levels dropped from 214/304 on 10/4/02 to 117/222 by 4/24/03. He felt so good that he decided that he did not need the program anymore, so, he stopped the program upon the favorable report. On July 10, 2003 the cholesterol and triglyceride levels rose to 218/301.

He immediately started the program again. We received a note on August 12, 2003 that the updated oncology reports now show "No Evidence" of cancer, and that the cholesterol and triglyceride numbers dropped down to normal levels again, we are expecting the reports soon.

This is the first time where we saw that the cholesterol and triglyceride numbers showed a reduction during the time of taking the program, upon stopping the program, the levels increased again out of normal range, and upon resuming the program, the levels dropped to well within normal levels again. Other chemistries also reduced to normal levels as well.

UPDATE: 1/25/04 - Excellent

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