Bladder Cancer


Joe - born 1950, dx March 2001, invasive tumor. Declined reconstruction proposal, started his nutritional program in April 2001, felt much better. Stopped program in mid-May due to Dr's orders because they claimed to have a guaranteed procedure to get rid of the cancer. Feb 2002, cystoscope revealed new tumors, he refused their demands to get entire bladder removed and take chemo. Started program again April 15, 2002, all cramps and pain gone within 3 weeks, no bleeding, surgical biopsies healed faster than expected. Against his better decisions, he agreed to chemo with his nutritional program, condition improved beyond expectations.

Dear Fred,

This is to confirm the information we talked about. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer on March 16, 2001, when they found a cancerous tumor in bladder, unsure whether it invaded the muscle tissue. at that time, the surgeons wanted to remove the entire bladder and perform reconstruction using the small intestine to make a new bladder, a 6 hour operation, one week in the hospital, and 3 months recuperation. I would not allow that option. In Early April, I started my nutritional program to see if it would help. After a week, I felt better overall, pains and cramps subsided. In May, I started Chinese acupuncture, they told me to get off the nutritional program because the teas and herbs would get rid of the cancer. So I stopped taking the nutritional program by Mid May. Soon after, I was not feeling as well. Detail as follows:

In January - February, I started to get symptoms indicating a problem with the bladder again. They did a cystoscope, found a tumor, removed some of it in early April. They recommended 6 cycles of chemo and no promises, I declined that offer. The surgeons demanded that I have the entire bladder and surrounding tissues removed. I refused.

On April 15, I started the nutritional program, the new version, and found that I felt better after a week. Now, 3 weeks after starting, my pain and cramps are all gone, energy is restored, and I have no more discomfort.

The bladder is healing better than expected, no bleeding, and is improving faster than they ever expected.

My doctor wanted to install a port and start chemo, I declined and want to wait a while to give the nutritional program a chance. Because of how I feel, the surgeon and I both believe that the condition is improving rapidly. I will keep you updated, and I want to thank you for helping me to avoid surgery. Joe 5/ 1/ 02

Update: 9/12/02 - doing well, reduction in tumor, surgery is no longer a consideration because of improvement. Joe and his wife travel all over the new England area and are always keeping busy.

Update: 10/20/02 - no evidence of cancer in the liver. Pin-dot evidence in bladder - was scar tissue

Update: 3/2/03 - no evidence of cancer in bladder, liver or any part of the body. Confirmed again 2/26/03

Final update: In May 2003, a "pin-spot" showed up on a CT scan. The doctors said it could possibly be cancer returning, they added that it is common for it to return. They told Joe that they were going to give him" just a little Gemzar chemo" "Just in case" it is a tumor.

I told Joe that it looked more like scar tissue. I am not a doctor, so I told him to have them do a PET scan to confirm it. The doctor told him that I do not know what I am talking about, and reassured him that it was a cancerous tumor. They told him that he needed aggressive treatments with Gemzar treatments. His cancer markers rose, which I know is more likely from the Gemzar, especially when there is no proof of any evident cancer. The doctors told him that the rise in the tumor markers confirmed that the cancer was spreading, they said that he needed more aggressive treatment. I advised Joe to get a PET scan, and that if he continued, his body would shut down, which will then kill him. He told me not to worry, he felt confident with these doctors.

In July, he complained that the blisters on his lips and in his mouth were preventing him from eating, then he lost his appetite and did not want to eat. He lost so much weight and became hospitalized because of an "intestinal blockage". The Gemzar shut down his biofeedback, so, he was not hungry and the nerves stopped communication to the muscles to move the food down the intestinal tract, as well as other parts of the body. He required surgery to remove this "Blockage". Joe's wife told me that after the surgery, the surgeon asked her why Joe was on chemo because he saw no evidence of any cancer anywhere in there. She explained that the CT scan said there was a spot on the scan and the doctors thought it might be cancer. The surgeon said, "that was not cancer, that was scar tissue." She just said, "Fred, You were right, it was not cancer, he never needed Gemzar." At that point, Joe was too weak to do anything. Unfortunately, my friend Joe passed away the first week of August. The sad part was that everyone at the funeral knew that he died from Gemzar toxicity and he did not have any cancer.

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