Bladder Cancer


Bill, born 1946, diagnosed with Bladder cancer, 3/25/03 CT scan confirmed invasive urothelial carcinoma, left base, flat in situ urothelial carcinoma, grade 3 of 4.

Crohn's Disease and a scaling skin condition were another conditions he was fighting, the Crohn's limited his treatment options.

The medical treatment proposal was to remove the bladder and related organs, providing tubes to the kidneys, leading to an external bag. He wanted to pursue other options.

In April 2003, he found a clinic in Mexico, which offered an unusual diet intended to resolve his cancer in one month, at a cost of $20,000. After they made the appointment for his treatment during the month of June, he paid them in full.

A week or so after he set up the visit in Mexico, he was told of our research. He came to see us towards the last week of April. He started the nutritional program on May 1st, 2003, went to dosage 4 immediately. At the end of May, he felt so great, his skin cleared up, his Crohn's disease had stopped bothering him early in his program, and his tests showed 75% tumor reduction in that one month, he no longer needed to have the proposed radical surgery.

Because he paid for the Mexico treatment already, he still went for the month's treatment there. While there, he became sick and physically instable, but continued the program. At the end of the visit, he was so unstable that he fell, severely banged the side of his head, hemorrhaged, and was rushed to the hospital. He almost died from that incident.

Although he recovered and went home later than planned, he never felt good after that accident. He did not speak to us when he returned.

He continued to have headaches and kept to himself until he passed away in early September 2003. We are devastated by this because he worked so hard to get himself back to health, which he did with the nutritional program. He was either cancer free or almost cancer free. This accident was so unfortunate because he was successful in his effort to get rid of the cancer. What made it more heart breaking for us personally was that he was such a sweet and mild mannered gentleman, a person all respectable people would cherish to call him"friend". Our hearts are with his wonderful wife and family.

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