Primary Discussion

Theoretical Foundation & Examples

There could be a possible link between parathyroid function and cancer initiation, as the parathyroid is one of the effective regulators in the metabolism of calcium, which in turn affects the pH of the system. Upon showing that this link is vital, then treatment of the parathyroid may be of value towards effective cancer treatment. My sister and I both had parathyroid problems in our younger years. The parathyroid function is usually never checked in a cancer patient, it would be interesting to see whether treatment of it would provide additional benefits. This has not been proven yet, but appears to be an accurate factor, it is a new discovery, however, it looks like a very interesting and possible link. It is important to find out the calcium levels and pH levels as well as parathyroid function. The pH can be tested through a urine test; calcium test is done through a blood test. Doing a comparison pH via both blood and urine would be a good comparison of kidney function.

Imagine a swimming pool with improper pH levels causing immense algae growth, as it thrives on the current pH imbalance and incorrect chemical levels. The proper way to resolve the problem is by correcting the pH and other chemical balances. As a result, the algae dies and falls to the bottom of the pool to be vacuumed up because it was no longer able to survive in the corrected chemistry and pH atmosphere. Instead of this protocol, the doctors are diving into the pool and cutting out the algae, in time the algae will simply return until the atmosphere is corrected.

In addition to this, stress and Vitamin D has an important part to play, as they are essential to calcium metabolism. I recorded and notice that 90% of all cancer patients get initial symptoms during winter months, less than 5% in summer months primarily November and December accounting for 65% of the total, inferring the correlation with the least amount of daily sunlight.

As we get older, our ability to metabolize calcium weakens, coinciding with increased pH instability. Calcium is required to transport specific compounds into individual cells. As each compound independently maintains a specific electrical charge potential, a specific electronic attraction and repulsion must occur for this transport to occur. There is a specific electronic atmosphere generated by the autonomic nervous system to aid in the necessary reaction, which is essential for the proper DNA replication, as well. In addition, the pH factor, generally the alkaline side of normal at 7.4, also provides an atmosphere. If this pH is lower, therefore acidic, the cationic/anionic reactions will be either hindered or too rapid. When the calcium concentration is low at the respiration sites, there is a biofeedback which causes the calcium to be extracted from the bone tissue and return to the bloodstream, as respiration requirements must be predominant to the body, the result is osteoporosis, as we all know people get in their later years. Notice that a higher proportion of women with osteoporosis also get breast cancer, men get the prostate cancer by the same means.

What I consider a misinterpretation in diagnosis is the functional value of pH levels attained in the blood verses the urine. The only significance of blood pH is to verify that the bicarbonate factors are working in the blood to maintain between 7.35 - 7.45. Urine pH reflects the elemental components in the bloodstream and their chemical contribution towards cellular respiration. The blood is automatically buffered regardless of the comprised components, there could be ill functioned components in the blood with no respirational value, meanwhile, there is nothing to tell the body of this unfortunate circumstance. We need to respect the urine pH similar to an automobile's emissions test, as it reflects the unbuffered elemental contribution. If we drink a lot of water, the urine pH will be 7.0 because the pH is reflecting water's contribution. Therefore, if a person is consistently showing acidic pH values, then it should be interpreted as an acidic contribution to the bloodstream and respiration. Although buffered pH will reveal a pH of 7.4, the functional and electrical potentials reflect the unbuffered pH as a result of the contributing abilities of the components in the blood.

When the metabolizing ability of calcium drops to a significant level, the pH to becomes unstable, the pH drops because of the combined electronic potentials become primarily negatively charged, the snowball effect is that the required electronic field is now altered to a stronger negative field causing a stronger hold on positive charges, a hindered release and prevention of some reactions.

As a result, the cells do not react in the planned manner or at all because there are missing components for the required reactions, there are similar but not correct components which become utilized to result in a similar but not correct compound, therefore the cellular respiration is strained, combined with the improper electronic field, the result being a tendency for an incorrect DNA replication.

This incorrect replication derives a mutated cell. Because of the constant incorrect atmosphere or environment, the incorrect replication continues and these mutated cells survive because their respiration requirement reflect the acidic environment. Therefore they will flourish. Meanwhile the proper cells will not flourish because their respiration supply is faltered and they are not at their potential. After awhile, they will not be able to compete with the mutated cell.

A normal cell requires a pH of 7.4, and calcium levels should range at 8.3 - 10.0, 9.6 - 10.0 is best ( I am at 9.9). A cancer cell thrives when pH levels are lower than their requirement. Blood pH cannot accurate reflect the electronic pH value relative to the components providing the required respiration because the body adds bicarbonate as a response to an incorrect pH in the blood, therefore masking the deficiency of important nutrients required for proper respiration. Continuation of the masked pH causes the series of responses based on what is available for nutrition rather than recognizing and satisfying the requirements for proper respiration and nutrition. At the end of the cycle, the kidney filters out the bicarbonate and restores it in the body for future use, the resultant pH is the “net pH' reflecting the true pH through out the cycle without the bicarbonate, similar to the emissions test on a car. Because the body is "action causes reaction" where each reaction results with the same net pH, the urine pH is an indicator of whether the body was deficient or not. This in turn will affect the cellular life span and determine the acceleration or hindrance of the aging process as well.

As we get older, our ability to metabolize calcium weakens, causing our calcium levels to drop if we don't take proper precautions, however, we can also have a high calcium reading but reduced levels of Thyroid panel components will cause calcium metabolism to reduce, so the calcium will float chelated to a non releasing compound under that electronic environment and be rendered useless. As a result, we become vulnerable to creating an environment to support cancer progression. Cancer is not a virus nor an outside invader. Our body creates these cells in response to the provided environment and supply of material for respiration. Which upon correcting those factors is why we can reverse it.

As Calcium and pH are major components for the proper function of the autonomic nervous system. The myelin sheath is weakened, and the voltage changes affect the ganglion sites. Each person is different as to which ganglion would be vulnerable. That particular ganglion alters the electronic atmosphere at the cellular respiration sites, which becomes vulnerable to altered respiration and genetic replication.

We have many nerve hubs, known as "plexus" or "ganglions". These hubs are connecting sites for a vast proportion of nerves within a specific function or territory in the body. The hub is the first area affected by the low calcium level. From there, it affects the transmission to it's relative sites. That is the reason it "spreads so quickly" as doctors will describe it. Instead, the hub is causing the problem and must be treated, which, in turn, will rescind the progressive damage in all the related sites. Upon the nerve hub's restored nutritional supply the environment reverts back to original and the "cancer will not survive the corrected environment. The most effective treatment is to use high doses of calcium and magnesium to bring the calcium levels above normal, and bring the pH level to the alkaline side of normal.

With these two new environmental changes, the "cancerous cells", which are really mutated cells, cannot survive, as a result, the electronic atmosphere has been reversed back to normal and the cancerous cells cannot survive, the cancer shrinks as a result and the system clears up. There are other vitamins also required to control this, to be mentioned later.

The alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine strip the calcium out of the body as chelating agents, and cause an acidic pH, therefore, promoting an environment for the cancer to start. Also, smoke damages biological tissue which affects the pH and immune system, as does the alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol is a huge contributor towards increasing acidity. The black tea does not cause negative effects, and influences a higher calcium metabolism. There are genetic factors which determine what areas are vulnerable to calcium weakness. The mental attitude is important, as stress will encourage a high acid pH, where as calmness and tranquility will encourage alkalinity, therefore a stressed out person drinking coffee, smoking, and drinking alcohol, will be most prone to a cancer vulnerability, as it creates the environment to support cancer initiation. Those who never abused themselves with cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs will have better chance of fighting or reversing the cancer, as their bodies will be more responsive to treatment because their tissues and organs are in their best functioning condition.

Specific ganglions provide the route to affect specific body parts, and pain level, as nerve sensory trunks are prevalent in some ganglion routes and not in others. Gastric related cancer is derived from the celiac ganglion , affecting the digestive organs, and is very painful, where as the mesenteric ganglion affects the kidney and bladder, and is not as painful. These same ganglions affect whether a person has a disc deterioration. A person with gastric cancer vulnerability will show T1-4 in great condition because they are supplied by the ganglion above. Then T5 will look severely degenerated, as well as T6 - 12, decreasing in severity on it's way down. L1,2 &3 are fed by the next ganglion, L4 & 5 are fed by the tail end of the Superior Cervical ganglion, which does not provide good proportional nutrition, which is why it tends to be weak and deteriorated in most people, men especially, but hardly ever part of a cancer diagnosis. Gastric cancer is common due to the extreme variable pH levels due to eating, smoking, and drug abuse.

As a thunderstorm moves close to us, we can feel the tingling effects within our body, and an electronic surge going through us. Similar as the electron environment within our body causing an environment for chemical reactions, our nervous system being the source comparable to the electrical storm. Our external influences directly have an affect, our genetically determined vulnerability reflects our chance of being affected. I strongly believe that the non-insulated high tension wires have a high potential of altering our natural electronic environment. Society believes that if one cannot see a movement of an object, it therefore does not exist. The photonic effect is very strong. There are simple measures that are cost effective to resolve it.

The gene that has been found to indicate vulnerability is the same gene that determines the ability to metabolize or maintain calcium in the system.

I believe that bone cancer is a result of the long term affect due to the nerves and their improper nutrition to the bone, which includes releasing calcium from the bones to supply the body necessary calcium elsewhere, resulting in a calcium deficiency. I was able to link my sister's cancer sites to one single nerve hub. Upon treating that hub in addition to supplying the regimen, it will reflectively change the environment to the other sites, and accordingly, the strength of the cancer will diminished.

I discussed this with the medical school up here, they recorded and documented everything to protect the information. They feel that I possibly provided a better understanding of cancer initiation and the strategy to possibly reverse it, depending it's stage at discovery. I have a totally different approach for testing in search of its site, as blood tests and urine tests have less value in diagnosis. Blood and urine will only reveal waste or immunities after the cancer has spread to where it is over-spilling into the blood and urine. My theories will detect it in the earlier stages.

When I was in the World Trade Center when it was bombed 2/26/93, my extensive injures and crushed ribcage was incomprehensible to most. Despite all the treatments and physical therapy, I found high doses of calcium and other vitamins acted as a greater pain reliever than any other alternative. I started to walk since the July 1997, but still had to hold onto things, and have been improving gradually, all other medical applications failed to give relief. I cannot stand for long due to the pain, but it is gradually reducing.