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In 1976, at age 21, I had "Functional Hyperplasic Islet Cell Carcinoma", verified during pathology, given 3-6 month maximum survival expectancy with surgery, 3 weeks without surgery. Originally diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS) on Dec 4, 1971, at age 16, see detail in "Introduction" after this section. October 26, 1976, surgery included removal of 90% pancreas, total spleen, partial stomach, which was when pathology verified it was extensive cancer. I refused all chemo/radiation treatments. They said cancer was an outside invader, but if that was true, why did the immune system remain neutral and not go after the cancer.

My train of thought: define the problem, break down to detail, derive strategy to resolve problem, apply strategy, resolve problem. If doctors cannot "define" the problem, how can they apply a resolution to something they could not define?

1980 - 1985, transplantation research, preservation, & surgical techniques: Kidney, Heart, Lung and Pancreas. I also taught Chemistry lab 1980 - 1985. I researched the bio-mechanics of the pancreas /endocrinology system, revealing current cancer research to be inaccurate. American medicine treats the symptom rather than the source. If I need another pancreas, there was no known technique to transplant the pancreas at that time. I chose transplantation because a transplanted organ is not made by the body, the immune system will attack it as an outside invader, and we need to provide immune suppressors to prevent this attack. I wanted to understand the mechanisms of immune attack and to see why it would attack a transplanted organ and not cancer, as they believe cancer is an outside invader. I believed it was made by the body by error, I wanted to prove that and show the root cause to support my theory and to show why the "outside invader" theory is wrong.

Based on the relative links between pH, calcium, parathyroid function and cancer initiation, biochemistry is a simple "domino effect" of "action causes reaction". The body is a simple machine of "action causes reaction". We as a society make it complicated by adding strange items to the body, called medicine, altering the body's natural biochemistry instead of looking at its simplicity and sticking to the basics of chemistry.

To properly treat cancer, the effective treatment must affect the domino affect from the beginning, which will cause the rest of the reactions to follow suit instead of coming in at the middle of the domino run. The Parathyroid is relative to calcium metabolism, linked to the body's pH. Proving this link, parathyroid treatment may be of value towards effective cancer treatment. My sister and I both had parathyroid problems in our younger years, doctors were not concerned. It's important to examine calcium and pH levels as well as parathyroid function. Less than 10% cancer patient had thyroid exams.

My research implies that cancer initiation does not involve the blood stream at all, does not spread in a seed-like manner as currently implied. Instead, it is generated via the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and pH environment, relative to nutritional deficiency. Current testing techniques, including radiation, will not detect cancer until cancer replication is so great that the immunities developed to fight it appear in the tests. Blood tests only reveal symptomatic results, not the actual cause, current medical practices treat symptoms instead of the source. Until the source is corrected, it will continue to produce continued results, current treatments will only redirect the path it takes.

The cause is the result of the nutritional deficiency altering the environmental source, which, upon re-establishing the correct nutritional levels in the body, the environment would be corrected for normal body functions and no longer be provisional to the cancer's survival, the cancer will soon die as a result. Due to genetics, each person has different vulnerabilities to different deficiencies, therefore, genetics will determine the type of cancer vulnerability. A note of interest, to this day, I never saw a person who had both cancer and multiple sclerosis, MS responds favorably to this same program, so I am interested to see whether MS is part of the genetic vulnerability as cancer is, as well as other ailments. Many non-cancer illnesses respond to this treatment as well.

With age, our ability to metabolize calcium (Ca++) diminishes, relative to an unstable pH. Ca is required for cellular respiration involving different electrical charges, and attraction/ repulsion. A specific electronic atmosphere generated by the ANS is required for the reaction, essential for proper DNA replication, Krebb's cycle. The 7.4 pH factor provides proper atmosphere and environment. When acidic, +/- reactions will be hindered or too rapid. Low Ca concentration at the respiration sites triggers a biofeedback to cause calcium to be extracted from bone tissue replaced into the bloodstream to satisfy respiration requirements, resulting in osteoporosis. A higher proportion of women with osteoporosis have breast cancer, men with prostate cancer by the same means.

Improper electronic fields infer incorrect DNA replication, deriving a mutated cell. The incorrect replication continues, flourishing because of the acidic environment, while the proper cells hinder due to faltered respiration while not at their electronic potential, unable to compete with the mutated cell. I believe cancer is not a virus or an outside invader, instead, our body creates the event as a biochemical response, which is why we can reverse it. Calcium and pH seem to be major components for the proper function of the autonomic nervous system. When the myelin sheath is weakened, the voltage change affects the ganglion sites. Each person is different as to which ganglion "hub" would be vulnerable, the electronic atmosphere is altered at the cellular respiration sites, resulting in altered respiration and genetic replication. Specific ganglions provide the route to affect specific body parts, and pain level, as nerve sensory trunks are prevalent in some ganglion routes and not in others.

My research suggests that gastric cancer is derived from the celiac ganglion "hub", affecting digestive organs, mesenteric ganglion affects the kidney/ bladder; these same ganglions affect the location of a person's disc deter ioration; Gastric cancer vulnerability reflects T5 -12. L1,2 &3 on next ganglion; L4 & 5 by the tail end of the Superior Cervical ganglion.

Radiation treatments, photonic applications, attempt to decompose the atomic structure of the mutated atom, via alkaline environment, the mutated cell cannot survive, therefore dies, similar to applying lye to bacteria. Photons break the bonds of surrounding compounds such as calcium, through diffraction, chelates calcium, which becomes non-effective, is dismissed out the body via kidney. Those with high radiation exposure have bone and teeth problems, and some, their hair turns prematurely white, high doses of calcium prior to treatment result in a lesser negative affect.

It appears that the source (ANS) is not being positively affected by the conventional treatments, whereby, Antibodies, Radiation, and Chemo attack the symptoms, not the source. With source properly treated, the domino effect corrects itself, tumor will diminish. Raising pH to 7.4 or a little higher, calcium up to at least 9.7 - 10.0 , destroys the ability for cancer to survive, it shrinks, afterwhich the body will function at it's normal potential, restored like a reverse domino affect. However, a high calcium level does not indicate proper calcium metabolism, as it can be ineffective and rendered useless due to nutritional deficiencies causing hindered metabolism, and therefore circulates in a useless fashion and yet it is assumed useful because it indicates its presence.

My sister was declared psychosomatic for 10 years for her pain until an endoscopy revealed a malignant tumor in 1997. I explained the route it took over the years, the route it was going to take, and told them how it to treat it, her doctors were not interested. Instead, they gave her radiation and chemo at the same time. The path it took was exactly as per my prediction, much to their surprise. Neither blood nor barium tests revealed anything until stage 4, which then was too late, those tests only act as markers at that point. The preliminary tests should ONLY investigate the autonomic system at first, which is capable of indication at earlier stages. ANS testing is more accurate, probably cheaper and less discomforting than all the other tests, most importantly, is more accurate like no other test.

Genetic therapy - basically an electron voltage regulation within the DNA structure, relative to the different ladderistic levels. A composed inter-electrical relationship is maintained. Duplication is derived by the electronic field introducing similar ionic fields to accompany the replication, resulting in a replication. Compounds derived from altered electronic atmosphere and component availability will generate a similar but not correct compound that will be accepted by the electrical relationship, the effect is a mutated gene with similar but not accurate description.

Blocking vessel growth - impossible when you analyze it. Mechanically, the electronic atmosphere required for necessary chemical reactions to cause proper cellular respiration is altered/diminished, causing the cell death from cellular starvation.

A nearby thunderstorm causes tingling effects within our body, electronic surge similar to the electron environment within our body to initiate chemical reactions. ANS is the comparable source to the electrical storm. External influences directly affect our genetically determined vulnerability , and our chance of being affected. I strongly believe that the non-insulated high tension wires have a high potential of altering our natural electronic environment. Society believes that if one cannot see the movement of an object, it therefore does not exist. The photonic effect is very strong. There are simple measures that are cost effective to resolve cancer related illness.

Alcohol/caffeine/nicotine strip calcium from the body as chelating agents, causing an acidic pH, promoting an environment to initiate cancer. Also, smoke damages biological tissue, which affects the pH and immune system, as does the alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol is a huge contributor towards increasing acidity. The black tea does not cause negative effects, it influences a higher calcium metabolism. Genetic factors determine which areas are vulnerable to calcium weakness. Mental attitude is important, stress will encourage a high acid pH, calmness and tranquility will encourage alkalinity, a stressed out person drinking coffee, smoking, and drinking alcohol, will be most prone to a cancer vulnerability. Those who never abused themselves with cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs will have better chance of fighting or reversing the cancer, as their bodies will be more responsive to treatment because their tissues and organs are in their best functioning condition.

While discussing Diana's earlier locations, she said that the doctors notated that T-5, 6, 7 showed degeneration, but T-1-4 showed good density and no problem. There was no cancer evident in T-1-4, but was evident in T- 5 through 9, which are related to the celiac plexus. T-1-4 are related to a different hub and were provided proper communication and nutrition, therefore maintained good density.

The program has shown great results by initiating the balance needed to maintain the proper levels of functional calcium, pH levels, endocrine system, triglycerides and cholesterol, etc. The pH levels are indicators and will automatically rise when the other conditions are correct. By adding substances to only raise the pH without the proper nutrition, there is a false indication and false function, with either a short term or no effect.

In addition, we have learned that the program has alleviated the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, Graves, Lymes, Lupus, Hepatitis "C", Epstein Barre, Guillian Barre, diabetes, glaucoma, hypertension, asthma, various allergies, ADHD, manic depression, drug/ alcohol/ tobacco addiction, drug addicts clean in 2 weeks.

Fred Eichhorn
President - National Cancer Research Foundation