Primary Discussion


Research was initiated by the primary interest focused on the Bio-mechanics of the pancreas and the endocrine system as a whole. Thinking like an architect, I mentally disassemble everything down to singular elemental components. I felt that the idea of current cancer research was tunnel-visioned. Because my surgery included a 90% pancreatectomy, total spleen, I had difficulty for quite some time. When I was able to get around without help by 1980, I returned to college to study medicine, specifically transplantation surgery. I felt that if I needed another pancreas, I would be in danger because there was no known procedure to successfully transplant the pancreas. I did the whole pre-Med program, plus volunteered 4 years of transplantation research, and taught college chemistry lab for 3 years, which helped me in my research.

The transplant research project I volunteered with was to increase the preservation time from 3 days up to 5. The procedure was able to increase the preservation time dramatically, and I was able to work on pancreas transplants that worked. This helped me to study the relative effects of specific vitamins and how they effected the preservation life outside the body, which implied that the major cause of cancer was the imbalance of nutrition to the body. I went on further after college to flood various vitamins in the preparations while carefully monitoring the calcium and pH levels in the solutions. To make a long story short, I was able to increase the preservation time from the known 3 days past the 5-day goal, and bring it up to 10 days, even 15, I used a cardiac pump that brought it up to 24 days, unfortunately, nobody was interested nor listened.

The research was initiated based on what I learned from the transplant team and further from the vets I consulted with. In 1984, I finished the entire pre-Med program and took the MCAT exam, qualified to enter Med school. I was not able to get the funding for tuition because there were outstanding liens from the 1976 surgery which disqualified me for financial aid. As a result, I was not able to enter Med-school. By 1990, I fully paid the medical bills, and maintain perfect credit. I could have pushed to get the funding, but, I was also told that I would have my licensed pulled as soon as I got it because I was deemed as a radical student because I questioned what I was taught. Currently, some schools have offered to help me with tuition, however, I have a family, my first financial responsibility is to them and to meet the household overhead as well, which I have no financial help.

With incrementally increasing frequency, people came to me after they either refused to take any chemo or surgery, or that the previous treatments were not successful. I had pleas for me to give them my information. I offered absolutely no guarantee of any kind, and I will not influence whether they should or should not have the surgery and/or chemo, as I will not gamble with their lives. I was able to infer my opinion that cancer is simply a result of a long term vitamin deficiency, which, upon re-establishing the correct vitamin levels in the body the environment is no longer provisional to the cancer's survival, afterwhich the cancer will soon die as a result of the altered but now-correct environment. Due to genetics, each person has different vulnerabilities to different deficiencies, therefore the cancer will develop accordingly. Hulda Clark, author of "A cure for all diseases", has expressed the theory that a reason for genetic change includes a weakening of an organ due to an invasion to the body such as pollution, which affects the organ, allowing parasites to invade that organ. Although I do not believe that there is a parasitic invasion, I believe that the chemistry of major pollutants avail themselves to alter the biochemical environment and thus cause a genetic change as described earlier, and that the altered environment caused by the pollutant effects relate to the vulnerability of the body to succumb to these changes. At the same time a deficiency will also cause an affect as would a pollutant.

Meanwhile, research continues and we help those that we can. We make neither promises nor guarantees of any kind. The observations have been positive, it is encourage that you read it carefully, 3 times to best comprehend it, make your own decision. The provided program is written in a minimal amount used for maintenance, many in treatment take at least 3 times the amount written in dosage #1, in the same proportion. To overcome concerns of "overdosing" there is a description of "overdose levels" to show that there is no concern at all. Adding different vitamins outside the program tends to lessen the effect. In this case, adding other ingredients to the soup tends to ruin it because other vitamins can either inhibit the function of the proposed vitamin plan and some vitamins will actually cause cancer acceleration instead of regression. There are some vitamins and herbs that are good for the body, but are not a requirement to get the body to function properly, therefore, do not create the additional benefit and will only cause unnecessary burden or consumption by taking an overwhelming amount when it is not necessary.