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Introduction & History

This is dedicated to my sister, Diana Mary Eichhorn Gudeman, her memory and motivation. She was afflicted with a problem which no known cure was available. Our energy and devotion is focused towards finding the proper path to enable a better interpretation of what society refers to as "cancer" and eventually lead us closer to successfully reversing this condition. There is still much to understand, with hope that in time the theory and strategy of treatment will be accepted by all medical institutions and be made available to those who will benefit without unfair financial gain to the providers. The NCRF has never taken a single penny from any person we helped. We are in the process of creating a research foundation to expand research and to provide relative activities to help primarily cancer patients as well as many others afflicted with nervous system related disorders. The goal of this research foundation is to help those afflicted at no cost to them, as we do not want any person to hesitate to seek help due to lack of funds.

We believe:

When you are diagnosed with cancer, you are introduced to yourself, you find out what you are made of, in many ways.
Humans are like tea bags, you have to put them in hot water before you know how strong they are.

Dec 4, 1971, age 16, 11th grade, I woke up paralyzed on my left side, unable to speak on my right side. After testing, 4 different hospitals diagnosed it as "Lou Gehrig's Disease" (ALS), spent 40% of the time in the hospital, walked with a cane with great difficulty and pain, tutored at home because of my debilitating condition. I was told that there was no cure and would die from it. During the 50% of the time when I was able to go to school, I went to class periods 1,3,5 and 7 one day and 2,4,6 and 8 the next because it took me an entire period to walk to the next class with the cane. I was not allowed to go to second level classes after I collapsed and fell down the flight of stairs, they found me unconscious at the bottom. They did not know why I had this problem in the first place. I never touched alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, not even coffee.

Over time, it progressed, became more severe, symptoms included: extreme chest pains, like 1,000 Charlie Horses, resulting from sugar being extracted from the muscles to replenish the circulatory system's low sugar supply, slurred speech, mental confusion, disorientation, lack of energy, glassy eyes, Miocene Gravis, spinal meningitis, manic depression, 12th rib syndrome, sacroiliac degeneration. There were times where I felt fine, as though I never had a problem. Some doctors thought I was into drugs or drank too much alcohol, I never touched any alcohol/drug/cigarette in my entire life, not even coffee. I blew their theories out the window. They were scratching their heads on that one. Normal blood sugar ranges between 80-120, low sugar is hypoglycemia, when down to 60. When sugar levels go down to 30 they usually go into a coma, at 10 - usually dead. My blood glucose levels were documented at "6" on 8 different occasions.

Just after I managed to graduate with my degree in architecture, sheer determination, I collapsed again, hospital bound for a long period, I don't need to tell you of the pain, you already know, I bent the stainless steel bedrails. In Sept 1976, after 34 incorrect diagnoses, I was finally diagnosed with pancreatic cancer "functional hyperplasic islet cell carcinoma", given 3 weeks to live without surgery, 3 - 6 months max with surgery. The 7th arteriogram test revealed islet cell tumors, because of my age and clean habits, it did not make sense, except that my father's maternal side all died from diabetes related illnesses, my mother's side had gastric cancers. My comas became so severe that I had the surgery on October 26, 1976, surgery included removal of 90% pancreas, total spleen, partial stomach. Pathology confirmed extensive pancreatic cancer. I refused all chemo/radiation treatments. They said cancer was an outside invader, but if that was true, why did the immune system remain neutral and not go after the cancer. I then researched all the minerals in my body to determine which were low and why it was happening. I have researched this subject intensely, determined the deficient minerals, took huge volumes, achieved good results - "No evidence of Cancer".

On 2/26/93, I was severely injured when the World Trade Center was bombed, with fractures and extensive internal injuries. During a very lengthy timeframe of recuperation, I was able to help many people, and continued my extensive research while in bed, studied Nutritional Physical Biochemistry at NYIT. This is my thesis from it.

What I am going to describe to you is found in medical books if you look closely. With this information, you should use good common sense. I recommend that you speak with your medical professionals before you change any particular protocol, because a doctor's prescribed treatment may be based on certain blood values and testing resu lts, and if other methods alter those values without the doctor's consent or knowledge it may cause problems and not be fair to the doctor. In addition, this information is a result of our experience, observations, and service-time provided by doctors who volunteer their time. These efforts do not guarantee that other doctors will accept or agree with us. In time, we expect that our efforts will provide enough documentation for AMA approval. It is to be understood that at this time, it is not considered by the AMA as an "approved" method. They do not "disapprove" either. They simply do not have what they determine to be "enough supportive documentation" to make a declaration either way.

As a result of our efforts, observations, experience and research, the following information has helped many people, most have seen their bodies now show "no evidence of cancer." The following is an observation, not a guarantee nor a promise.