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Conventional Cancer Treatment Strategies and Opinions

Genetic therapy - it is basically an electron voltage regulation within the DNA structure, relative to the different ladderistic levels. A composed inter-electrical relationship is maintained, duplication is derived by the electronic field introducing similar ionic fields to accompany the replication, resulting in a replication. Compounds derived from altered electronic atmosphere and component availability will generate a similar but not correct compound that will be accepted by the electrical relationship, the effect is a mutated gene with similar but not accurate description.

Blocking vessel growth - impossible when you research it. Mechanically, Required electronic atmosphere for necessary chemical reactions for proper cellular respiration is altered or diminished, causes cell death as a result of cellular starvation.

Klausner's statement that "cancer is a disease of genetic instability." I feel that this is statement is related to a result rather than a principle cause. In pathological testing, you will find a higher incidence of lower levels found in calcium, thyroid function, and urine pH in cancer victims, and the malignancy to be more severe in areas where those levels are at the lowest. Alcia Blue stains that test positive are also low calcium and pH indicators, reflective in tests upon nerve cells.

It might be interesting to see the electron effects of the normal P53 in comparison to a damaged one, and their relationship to calcium and pH factors. Maybe P53's true function is a litmus test.

It has been mentioned that Telomere shortening is immortal to germ and sex-function cells, this group requires a lower body temperature to survive, resulting in a more alkaline environment. The body heat will increase in it's mechanism to eliminate germ cells, likewise, sex-function cells die or become ineffective due to heat. It would be interesting to see whether body temperature and Telomerase have a relative connection, moreso, because tumor fever causes the body to raise the temp to 101 in attempt to fight the cancer as though it were viral.

In Coffey's "Clock Theory", where it is not understood why one area is affected and not another, I interpret the reason is due to the ANS ganglion being the indicating source. His description is interpreted as indicating that the cancer is transported via the blood, when the reality is that the cancer immunity is found in the blood, known as markers, and whatever actual cancer is found in the blood is waste and not productive. ANS is the only derivation source affecting the cellular reproduction process at the source of altered environment/ atmosphere.

The Cowper's Gland requires a different pH and Calcium requirement from the rest of the body, and may not be as easily affected by the pH differences and electronic alterations due to it's high alkalinity.

DNA is not "damaged". Instead, I feel that the electronic field has been altered in the ANS, in addition to substituted components causing similar but incorrect compounds to create the structural components, resulting in an incorrect DNA replication. When the electron atmosphere is corrected, and correct components are present, the factors become self corrective an pH is naturally correct again with requiring bicarbonate to adjust, the correct DNA replication takes place again, the mutation will not survive due to the corrected factors, and therefore die. "DNA damage" infers that the particular DNA was correct upon it's initiation, and was altered from it's original makeup by an outside source, changing it's structure. This is not accurate at all.

You will find angiostatin and endostatin on pH affective substances. Radiation treatments affect alkaline pH in specific cells, which affects their lifespan. Sending antibodies is like locking the barn after the horses are long gone. The source (ANS) is not being affected. Antibodies, Radiation, and Chemo attack the results and not the sources. When the source is properly treated, the rest will correct itself and the tumor will diminish. Simply, adding alkaline to bring pH up to 7.4 or a little higher and calcium up to at least 9.7 - 10.0 ,with increased parathyroid function, will destroy the ability for cancer to survive, afterwhich the body will function at it's normal potential, like a domino affect.

Calcium is far from the only ingredient to make this work. I use 7 different vitamins, all basic readily absorbable by the body, no herbs, and no funky stuff, all are available at any store selling vitamins. The combination results in providing the balance needed to maintain the calcium levels, pH levels, keep the endocrine system stress-free, triglycerides and cholesterol down because of the efficiency of metabolism. It goes on further.

There are groups of people who push special herbs and high level vitamins, which I refer to "Designer Vitamins" and should be avoided because they are actually stressful to the body because it will need to break it all down, resulting in an acidic condition. The body will naturally break everything down to simple components in preparation for respiration. Therefore the common sense approach is to determine the basic requirements for respiration and simply provide those required components and the body will not need to break anything down, it will simply utilize them and not be stressed.

Meanwhile, treatments involving radiation are applied, which are simply photonic applications, which cause an electron force to replace the electron spins via high speed collisions in attempt to decompose the atomic structure of the mutated atom. The affect causes a more alkaline environment, which the mutated cell cannot survive and therefore dies.

Application is similar to applying lye to bacteria, the problem is that the photonic application is so strong, the photons break the bonds of surrounding compounds such as calcium, as it breaks the bond through it's diffraction process., and latches on to the calcium as a chelating agent, causing the calcium to become non-effective, and eventually is dismissed out the body via kidney. That is why people with high exposure to radiation have bone and teeth problems, and some, their hair turns prematurely white. Those taking high doses of calcium prior to treatment cause a lesser negative affect.