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Primary Discussion

In addition to cancer, we have learned that this program has helped to alleviate the symptoms of the following conditions:

Acid Reflux ADD / ADHD Alcohol Dependency Allergies ALS
Alzheimer's Aneurysm Anxiety Arthritis Asperger's Syndrome
Asthma Autism Auto-Immune Autonomic Disorders Back Pain
Bi-Polar Bursitis Calcification Candida Yeast Chemical Poisoning
Cholesterol Chronic Fatigue Cirrhosis Colds and Flu Colitis
Crohn's Disease Cyst / Fibroids Dementia Depression Diabetes
Diverticulosis Down's Syndrome Drug Addiction Eczema ED
Endurance Epstein Barre Fibroids Fibromyalgia Fungus - Nail
Glaucoma Gout Graves Disease Guillian Barre Hair Growth
Headaches Hearing Loss Heart Conditions Hemorrhoids Hepatitis "C"
Hormonal Balance Huntington's Hypertension Immune Disorder Infertility
Inflammatory Injuries Irritable Bowel Jaundice Joint Pain
Kidney Stones Leg Cramps Lou Gehrig's Lung Disease Lung Nodules
Lupus Lymes Lymphoma Manic Depression Mental Clarity
Metal Poisoning Multiple Conditions Multiple Sclerosis Muscular Dystrophy Nail Weakness
Neck Pain Neurological Conditions Neuropathy Osteoporosis Ovarian Conditions
Pancreatitis Parasitic Conditions Parkinson's PMS & Related Poisoning / Toxicity
Polyps Pregnancy Psoriasis Renal / Kidney Failure Rheumatoid Arthritis
Sciatica Shingles Sinus Skin Tags Sprains
Strength Stress Strokes Throat Nodules Thyroid
Tiredness - Chronic Toe Nail Fungus Tooth Pain Trauma Triglycerides
Viral Disorders Weight Loss