Non-cancer Summary

1. We believe that all cancerous and most non-cancerous conditions are not diseases. Instead, they are the result of a nutritional deficiency to the nervous system and the body's manufacturing ability. Genetics will determine the vulnerability site of resulting response. The result is a neurological deficiency. This causes a change in biofeedback communication, all cellular nutrition, DNA replication to altered structure, causing a change in cellular manufacturing instructions. Upon correcting these deficiencies, the body will correct the domino-affect responses and restore its function in a normal manner. The DNA replication and structure will be corrected, resulting in DNA restoring correct instructions along with correct biochemistry availability for the body to correctly manufacture cells and their cellular function will be restored to normal. "Incorrect cells", including cancer, cannot survive because the many corrected environmental factors within the body's chemistry are now no longer correct for the "Incorrect cells", they simply die off in a natural manner. There is no need to kill incorrect cells, they die as a natural occurrence, like algae in a swimming pool. Another example is a pimple from eating too much chocolate, the chemistry becomes acidic and the resulting chemistries cause the body to produce a pimple. To resolve it, do you go to a surgeon or do you lay off the chocolate ?

2. The nervous system is comprised of: the nerve cells as, hormones, and lymph nodes. Their functions are interactive, however, the medical field does not acknowledge this involvement or incorrect involvement due to nutritional deprivation as the cause of many illnesses. As a result, the nervous system is further starved by conventional treatments, hindering the progression initially, the body re-evaluates the environment and produces new cells in response to the further depleted environment, which, in most cases, causes a more acidic environment, which increases "Incorrect cell" nutrition. As a result, the medical field implies the "Incorrect cell is now more aggressive" instead of understanding that their treatment may have killed the initial Incorrect cells, but, they also manipulated the biochemical environment to nutritionally support the body to manufacture Incorrect cells more rapidly.

3. Killing incorrect cells is not the answer because they are the result of the problem, not the cause. Therefore, upon killing these cells, you remove the evidence, AKA - the result of the cause, however, the cause was never addressed nor corrected, nothing stopped the sequences that took place to manufacture the incorrect cell. Therefore, the body continues to manufacture these cells without interruption. Over time, the body produces more of these cells, the doctors then say, "Gee, it came back. How did that happen, we got all of it out !!" They did not realize that they removed or treated the by-product of the condition instead of the cause. Un-natural agents administered to the body also weakens and kills normal cells too, and cause additional problems.

4. We found that proper nutritional restoration to the nervous system and cell nutrition throughout the body causes corrective domino - effect reactions. Upon nutritional correction, the body resumes correct cell production. When the body's environmental factors are correct, the body no longer manufactures the incorrect cells, the existing incorrect cells are no longer able to exist in the corrected environment and die in a natural manner and are replaced by normal cells. When the incorrect cells die, or go necrotic, they remain and show up on CT & MRI scans, however, PET scans indicate that they are dead cells. The body breaks them down, it takes time.

5. People, in general, never take into consideration incorrect diet, lifestyle nor spinal dislocations. Preservatives in our foods prevent metabolism, when you eat that food, the body cannot metabolize it, therefore, although tasty, the nutrition is not absorbed. The depletion takes time to generate changes in effects. Exercise has been replaced by convenience, blood circulation is minimized and therefore, natural metabolism is reduced because of reduced exercise.

6. The body produces acid to break down all foods to simple sugar, high protein being the highest complexity to break down. Normal cells uptake a specific amount of sugar for normal metabolism. A cancer cell uptakes twice the normal amount for its metabolism. The old wives tale "avoid eating sugar because sugar feeds cancer" is misleading because avoiding sugar totally to "STARVE CANCER" also starves the normal cells more severely, resulting in additional biochemical stress to the body. Eat smart and use the "1900 Diet"- make believe the year is 1900, how did they prepare food back then?? Avoid anything preserved, salted, in a can, jar or sealed package. It is fine to eat the very few naturally preserved foods, there are not many naturally preserved. Avoid prepared food because they contain flavor enhancers and preservatives to give a shelf-life. Although good for non-cancer patients, ALL Cancer patients should avoid nutrition drinks such as BOOST or ENSURE because they contain the "B" vitamins and iron, which will accelerate cancer progression.

7. Avoid the commonly available hydroponically grown food. Eat organically grown quality foods. The body requires 3 ounces of red meat weekly for enzymes. Some people replace red meat with soy, a fad product which biochemically does not replace the required meat enzymes. A mixture of different meats and fish are best to get a more effective blend of proper nutrition. Cookies or cakes should be either freshly made or purchased at a bakery, if it goes stale in 2 hours, that is good. To minimize acid production, start meals with carbohydrates, then protein and finish with a carbohydrate. Coffee and chocolate are in the highest protein classification because of its bean character, caffeine is not the concern. Avoid caffeine-free because it is an acidic broken radical. Coffee should be eliminated totally, chocolate either eliminate or minimize. Avoid all alcohol, it reduces calcium metabolism, disrupts natural biochemistry, blocks nutrition to nerve cells and stresses the liver. Alcohol is advertised like it is a soft drink, yet causes major health problems.

8. Lactose intolerance is due to unbalanced biochemistry. Instead of masking the unbalance, it should be corrected. Whole milk is the most nutritionally valuable to drink, the feared issues are not accurate and there are important nutritional factors not found elsewhere. When the biochemistry is properly balanced, metabolism is automatically correct and the issues and concerns do not exist. Avoid Skim, Low-Fat, 2%, 1% and similar, there is no nutrition left because the current processing depletes the nutrition as part of the process. Metabolism is the problem, not fat.

9. Avoid nutritional supplements that replace chemistries that the body naturally manufactures. The body will recognize the supplement and interpret that the body has enough and shut down its own manufacture, which then depletes the natural supply and causes a short term benefit and long term increased deprivation.

10. Many people are told that their pain is due to progression of their condition. In a large percentage of these people, the pain is due to muscle spasms pulling a disc out of alignment, relative to nutritional deficiencies affecting nerves and muscles, resulting in pinched nerves. The spine is never attended to and the pain is treated as though it were related to the problem, spurring a vicious cycle of incorrectly treating pain with incorrect treatments, causing a snow ball effect in severity without correcting the problem. We have seen patients who are receiving pain management go for a spinal alignment and walk out with reduced or no pain. Proper nutrition and spinal adjustments cause good results.

11. Urine pH reflects the alkaline/acid chemistry. Saliva pH is not accurate for body chemistry indication because it reflects chemistry related to digestive biochemical responses and will change according to what the body senses as you eat. The diet and choice of foods will affect body pH and therefore influence progress/hinderance of metabolism. The volume of correct nutrients is important. Some people incorrectly focus on pH only and regulate the nutritional intake by the pH, which is not a correct procedure. pH is an indicator reflecting many causes, it is not a symptom. When the urine pH is below 7.0, it appears that the body chemistry is more conducive to incorrect cell survival.

12. Morphine generates an addiction. The body becomes calm at first, then the morphine effectiveness weakens, causing a stronger requirement for increased pain due to withdrawal symptoms. This gradually increases until the overdose causes biofeedback shutdown, the body shuts down and the person dies. Meanwhile, the family was told that the cancer or condition became more aggressive and consumed the body. The accurate fact is that they turned the patient into a drug addict, requiring more morphine until they died from the overdose. The family becomes so distraught that they accept it and never question the accuracy nor do they request an autopsy to verify the statements.

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