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Dietary Tips

Dietary, Exercise and Mental Wellness Ideas to Consider

A process for best potential of recovery to better health includes:

Vitamin and mineral supplementation, Proper diet, Exercise, Mental Attitude

As beneficial as the vitamin and mineral supplementation enhance general good health,
this benefit is limited by the choice of diet, exercise and overall mental attitude.

Proper diet

We have observed that over time, the American diet has developed into a processed concept, where the attention is focused on taste instead of it's natural nutritional value. As a result, the foods we eat are stripped of their vitamins, and fortified with synthetic forms of vitamins added to flavor enhancers, and preservatives to enable mass production and a longer shelf life. As a result, the body develops a nutritional deficiency because the natural nutrients are not available, and the preservatives and synthetic nutrients are not natural to the body and therefore the body will respond to this intake on a biological level.

When we were younger, cancer, multiple sclerosis and many other conditions were hardly ever heard of, yet today these conditions are common and now household names. Added to the stress generated in today's society, the combination provides a poor nutritional balance in the body. People of countries of simplicity and who live off the land tend to have a lesser proportion of these conditions, those of poor countries where famine is great is of higher proportion.

Protein versus carbohydrate is controversial. We have observed that protein is relative to pain and absorption problems, I personally had arguments in my earlier years because I disagree with the standard opinions. When I had pancreatitis, or when my sugar would drop to the low numbers, they told me to avoid carbohydrates and eat high protein, as this would supposedly cause the body to process the protein and take a longer time to break down to sugar. They did not take into consideration that the higher the protein complexity, the stronger enzymatic acids are required to break down these proteins. This, in turn, causes stress on the pancreas, and increases the acidity in an already overly acidic environment, evidenced by bloating and gas in the intestines. Meanwhile, the pain generated is caused by the acidic stress and gas. The action of protein causing this acidic reaction causes the calcium to bind and not release, so, the calcium may exist but is rendered useless, and provides a false indication of potentiality. After a while on this program, the acidity decreases as the correct nutrition becomes available for the correct "molecular lumber yard" and it is indicated by a slightly alkaline pH. After 2 months, the calcium, cholesterol, triglycerides tend to reduce to normal levels, the calcium is now utilized as a carrier again, the other functions regain potential.

Some people use herbs or vitamins designed specifically to raise alkalinity, however, they are not focusing on the required supply of nutritional elements for the "molecular lumberyard" , therefore it is a false alkalinity because the potentiality is hindered. The goal should not be to increase alkalinity, instead, the goal should be to provide the correct nutrition when then causes the chemistry to result in the correct alkalinity.

Proper carbohydrates will aid in reducing acid and neutralizing the chemistry, which will eliminate the vulnerability of pancreatic stress, pain and gas. Simple sugars are to be limited because they are utilized to quickly, maintain no nutritional value, but a small amount will be helpful when needed. Medium to complex carbohydrates are desired and as well as non-complex proteins. Vegetables that are usually cooked should be blanched (steamed) as that provides 5 times the vitamin availability than raw. Boiled vegetables result in vitamins being poured down the drain with the water. Do not peel the vegetables, 90% of the vitamins are in the skin, as that is the closest to the dirt of minerals and nutrients. Carrot and potato skins are valuable. Make an effort to pick foods when ripened on the vine or tree to maximize nutritional benefits.

We also find that at least 40% of the cancer patients, if not more, are vegetarians. We are not pro, nor con, towards vegetarianism, it is a personal choice. Unfortunately, some vegetarians choose no meat because they are animal activist and maintain unkind attitudes towards those who do eat meat, which is not fair to the rest. In the normal food chain, our biochemistry requires meat, soy protein does not replace meat. However, if a person chooses and enjoys a vegetarian diet, they should be respected.

"1899 Diet"

We utilize what is termed as a "1899's diet" based on the lifestyle and dietary availability in the year 1899. At that time, they did not have preservatives, they grew their food without chemicals or pesticides, in fields instead of force feed in greenhouses. The natural vitamins were kept in the food, the people ate the skins, and the food was ripened on the vine instead of picked green with anticipation to ripen over time. Not many people were vegetarians, the body requires 3 ounces of red meat weekly, eating more within reason is acceptable, the magic phrase is "within reason". Our body is biochemically dependent on the enzymes from red meat, but not the amount that our society consumes. The soy protein that some use to replace the source usually derived from red meat is not the same because it is biochemically different and will have similar but not correct characteristics required for correct metabolism.

Except for tuna or fruit in its own juices, canned food should be avoided because of the preservatives and processing. Bleached flour is stripped of all nutrients. Prepared foods are usually full of preservatives and flavor enhancers. Decaffeinated products are processed and more damaging to the body than the natural form. Further, caffeine is not as much of a problem than the high protein in the chocolate and coffee, otherwise tea would be a concern. Black tea is the only tea more effective than green tea, which is excellent. However, black tea is available in Tetley, Lipton, and similar. The other teas are also beneficial, just not as much, but are worth drinking.

Macrobiotic diets and similar dietary changes should be reviewed to ensure that it is correct for your situation.


Vitamin and other nutritional supplements provide the missing nutrients

Vitamin and other nutritional supplements are important and essential for good health. However, to maximize the potential, exercise is important to generate the muscle tone and increased circulation to provide the pathways for nutrition. Some people who do not feel well will sit in a chair or in bed because they believe that they must rest in order to get better. The fact is that idleness will cause the body to function less and make the body more vulnerable to additional problems. By exercising, they will stimulate the proper circulation and tone muscles, which in turn improve circulation and nutritional delivery to the cells. This is very important.

Review the situation, discuss with either the doctor or professional as to the proper exercises for your situation, you do not want to strain or stress your body. You may need to start at a specific level and increase according to your ability and your body's potential limitations.

Some people with cancer or other conditions experience back or joint pain, and the cancer or condition is blamed as the cause. Most times that pain is a symptom of the same cause that caused the problem. In addition, we find that the pain from the cancer or condition causes muscle spasms, which in turn can cause a vertebra to turn, which will cause a pinched nerve or other spasms, and could ultimately lead towards other problems to cause pain.

Mental Attitude

Upon reviewing the vitamins, diet and exercise, they are all important and work together to provide a stronger biochemistry to improve the body's overall health. One of the commonly neglected issues is the mental state or well being of the patient. If a person is not willing to focus on improving their diet, exercise and other factors in their life, the resistance will negate the majority of the benefits of the other efforts. Those who maintain a positive attitude and make a genuine effort to help themselves, will tend to improve. Those who insist on negative and skeptical attitudes without the interest to consider available benefits will decline in health more rapidly than a positive minded person.

These negative minded people tend to focus on proving that beneficial help is not going to work. This negative attitude will actually cause an acidic chemistry to develop, the result tends to be detrimental to the person's overall health. Those who focus on positive thoughts tend to have a better chemistry overall and they tend to respond more positively to most treatments similar to this one.

We can lead a person to the education to show how this works, however, a person must take their own initiative to help themselves and not depend on others to make the decision or to force them to take it; we cannot and will not do that for them because that manner is never successful. We will do everything we can to help the person reach their goal.