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Action Causes Reaction

In our research, we believe the primary cause of failed conventional cancer treatments is because current methods focus to kill or remove cancer as though it is an outside invader. We are showing that cancer is simply the body's response to mineral deficiencies generating altered electromagnetic fields, causing the body to compensate, therefore, providing similar but incorrect material to manufacture amino acids, hormones & chemistries different from normal, which alters the DNA instructions, changing how the cells chemistries are made, changing the domino effect of sequences. Called "MUTATION".

You must first reverse engineer to determine the foundational root cause of the problem, then correct the chemistry, which will result in correcting the DNA instructions in a natural manner, which corrects the "Domino Effects", which corrects the source of the problem and eliminates the symptom in a natural manner. Otherwise, the body will continue to manufacture incorrect cells.

How can anyone provide a treatment when they have not properly identified the root source causing the problem.

Different cancers are simply the body's response to incorrect biochemistry altering the DNA's instructions. Each person has different DNA from the next person, causing different responses to the same deficiency, similar within families with similar DNA, which is why some people will get pancreatic cancer, their neighbor might get brain cancer, or ovarian cancer, MS, Autism, Diabetes, weight issues, hormonal imbalance, depression, etc.

Chemo, radiation and other chemical treatments will kill cancer cells as well as good cells, however, it will also destroy and remove important minerals and chemistries from the body, causing the body to become more deficient than previously, causing the body to compromise and deviate further from normal, causing the next generation to become "further from normal", which doctors incorrectly declare the cancer more "aggressive" than the previous generation, causing a negative spiral effect.

Providing unnatural chemicals to treat a nutritional deficiency will only result in a more intense mineral nutritional deficiency.

Surgery only removes the result of the side effects caused by the deficiency, which never corrects the root cause, which is why the previously removed cells or other related incorrect cells appear again after time, the incorrect DNA was never resolved.

Cancer cells have more glucose than regular functional cells, but, the doctors never tell you that the high glucose is the same as the data cell’s glucose levels. The reason - The mutation is a combination of the "Functional cell" which uses the normal amount of glucose for metabolism, with a "Data cell", which is designed to use double the glucose amount for its metabolism. The body combines the two to compensate the deficiencies. Starving it from glucose will not help, it will only impair the normal cell functions. Correcting the mineral balance will cause the body to correct the DNA instructions to manufacture cells correctly, the compensated incorrect cells die off naturally. No surgery, chemo, radiation, nor any toxic un-natural chemistry is needed.

Our Approach - totally different. We correct the mineral deficiencies by providing all the minerals in their natural form, in the correct proportions to each other, causing the hormones and amino acids to be manufactured correctly, which then corrects the domino effect to correct DNA instructions, causing the body to manufacture normal cells instead of the incorrect cells.

Because of the corrected chemistry - the existing cancer cells and incorrect cells no longer have their previous nutrition nor the electromagnetic field it was designed from, therefore, they die from their own starvation. The body chemistry eventually breaks them down and disposes of them in a natural manner. Other issues also clear up as a result of the biochemistry correction.

Basically - If you have the correct material in the proper proportions to each other, the resulting reactions cause good results. If you have missing or incorrect material, you will still have reactions, you simply will not like the results.

Simply - By providing natural nutrition to complete the body’s chemistry requirements the result will be a restored, properly balanced function of the body, allowing inter-related functions to improve attain correct results. Previously incorrect chemistries & functions will reduce, diminish, and eventually no longer exist.

The pH is an indicator, not a goal to reach. Some products advertise that they will alkalinize the body, and state that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment, which is partially true. If the minerals in the body are properly balanced, their relationships with each other will cause a naturally correct pH of 7.4. However, if a person has a low pH, acidic, and takes alkaline enhancing products, although the pH may rise to alkaline levels, the body is still lacking the required minerals to balance the chemistry. Even though the pH is alkaline, the mineral imbalance will still cause the body to compensate and make incorrect chemistries, such as cancer.

Primary Causes of the biochemistry deficiency include chemically treated and processed foods, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, environmental chemical toxins, radiation, emotional stress, and overall poor diet. All pharmaceutical drugs have various toxic potentials. The body requires all the minerals to be in the proper proportions to each other to cause specific electromagnetic frequencies to cause specific attractions and repulsions.

Nutritional Factors - Nutrition is extremely important. The best diet is high quality organic foods, meat from the single owned butcher, you simply want high quality natural ingredients, which will help the body function more efficiently.

Organic food is what we ate 40 years ago. It is an old term, not a new term. If the food is processed, preserved, or in a can or preserved wrapping, either throw it out or give it to someone you don’t like.

Foods today tend to be hydroponically grown, fertilized water and ultraviolet light, no minerals and no sunlight. You get plastic food with no nutrition. The required minerals are missing, replaced by chemicals & "Synthetic Nutrition" - which are damaging to the body. It might taste good, but provides no nutrition.

Meats in typical "Chain Store" Supermarkets tend to be preserved in phosphates, spray their meats with carbon dioxide to make meat look brighter to imply it’s fresher even if it isn’t. Single-owned butchers provide better quality meats without preservatives.

Cakes and cookies are good to eat if made from scratch or from the single owned bakery, not a store bakery. Supermarkets that post "Freshly Baked on Premises" means that it was baked in that store but the ingredients are synthetic processed ingredients made in high volume in a huge factory, then shipped to the store in large containers. When they need it, they pour the processed batter into baking pans at the store location. It is baked in the store, but it still has synthetic processed ingredients in it.

Sugar does not feed cancer, everything you eat turns to glucose, it is an essential nutrient for the body. The body breaks down all food, including sugar, carbohydrates, protein, into simple glucose, then enters the bloodstream as glucose. White sugar is simply cane sugar, and is good for you. IT IS NOT BLEACHED NOR PROCESSED SUGAR. Raw sugar, maple sugar, all the various forms of sugar, are all fine. One is not better than the other. It is a personal choice, as they all have different tastes. The sales pitch that "Raw Sugar is Best" has no validity.

Cancer cells have more glucose than regular cells because the mutation combines the "Functional cell" which uses the normal amount of glucose for metabolism, with a data cell, which uses double the amount of glucose for its metabolism. The combination is made by the body. Starving it will not help and will only impair the normal cell functions. Correcting the mineral balance will cause the body to correct the DNA instructions to manufacture cells correctly, the incorrect cells die off naturally.

Wildlife - eat All-Natural. You do not see any extension cords going up trees for a squirrel's juicer, There are no "Squirrel Clinics"

A juicer is a waste, it is a fad product focused to sell more blenders. Simply, eat the whole vegetable or fruit, the pulp is equally important for its enzymes and minerals.

Coffee is not good for anyone, "caffeine" is not the problem. The complex structure of the amino acid in coffee causes a binding reaction to many important minerals and chelates them out of the body. Coffee can cause fibroids, cysts and polyps in women and prostate issues in men. It also attributes to arthritis and osteoporosis.

Alcohol dissolves the lipids layers of cells, nerve fibers, and the brain, which causes the drunken state due to hindered communication, expressed as low comprehension, delayed reactions, imbalance, and communication deficiencies. The dissolved fat travels through the blood and collects in the liver, causing a "Fatty Liver".

The "B" Vitamins are good as long as the levels are not above normal. High "B" Vitamin levels can accelerate cancer growth.

Four tests to consider : These tests are the most accurate to determine the root cause of most problems. When the low levels are corrected, most, if not all, other issues in the body will now be able to resolve, like diabetes, cholesterol levels, cardiac, etc.

  • Amino Acids (20)
  • Minerals
  • "B" Vitamins
  • Iron profile

Simply - if you correct the foundational biochemistry of the body, in proper balance, it will be able to perform correctly.