In Memory of Diana Mary (Eichhorn) Gudeman

From the day she was born, August 17, 1952, Diana had digestive problems, sometimes referred to as Celiac or sprue. Over the 2 years prior to being diagnosed, she had increasing problems and difficulty, the doctors kept saying that there was nothing wrong with her, they took what they determined as "every blood test" and nothing showed up to cause any concern. From mid -July to mid September of 1997, she was brought to emergency by ambulance numerous times. On Sept 10, my mother told me she was in the hospital, the doctors implied that she go see a psychiatrist. I have nothing against psychiatrists, however, I did not believe that her problem was psychological, and therefore a psychiatrist would not be beneficial to her problem. I told her to tell them to take an acid test in her stomach, as that was more appropriate.

The doctors did an endoscopy, found a tiny ulcer, took a sample, which revealed to be malignant. In response to finding this malignancy, they had to decide next step. Meanwhile, I was only interested in determining the next step, Further tests showed she had cancer head to toe, immediately gave her morphine, and gave her 3-5 weeks to live. I did not accept that.

As "head-to-toe" did not mean anything to me, I wanted a specific description, an MRI revealed that the locations included the stomach, intestines, T-5, 6, 7, 8 in her spine, shoulder, hip, jaw, and liver. I examined the results and determined that there were no indications from blood test nor urine tests to reveal this. As initially proposed, I believed it was caused by the nervous system instead of the blood. I further explained that the stomach location, the area they believed was the start, was 1.5 cm (5/8"), whereas the rib area showed 8 cm (3 inches). I found that the celiac plexus is a specific nerve hub which feeds all her specific cancer locations, and I felt that in Diana's situation, the plexus was the initiation point, and I believe that, as a result of deficiencies, the nervous system created the cancer and that it is not a virus nor intruder attacking the nervous system. While discussing Diana's earlier locations, she said that the doctors notated that T-5, 6, 7 showed degeneration, but T-1-4 showed good density and no problem. There was no cancer evident in T-1-4, but was evident in T- 5 through 9, which are related to the celiac plexus. The T-1-4 are related to a different hub which provided proper transmission and nutrition, therefore, good density.

Relative to Diana's situation, and typically in the field, the doctors never took a calcium nor pH level, which the calcium would be expected to be low and the pH to be acidic in her system. I explained that those two conditions provide the environment for cancer initiation. The nervous system has an insulator called the myelin sheath, which is composed of calcium, as are the fibers within a nerve. As we age, our ability to maintain calcium lessens with age, we become deficient, also known as osteoporosis, and as a result, there is reduced density in our bones, and our nerve transmission is altered. When a person is low in calcium, the sheath is weakened and becomes less able to properly insulate, allowing the voltage to leak to other fibers, providing incorrect transmission voltage through the fibers. Cancer does not travel through a nerve fiber. At the cellular site, there is a chemistry exchange to provide energy, respiration, which requires an electronic environment or atmosphere, also referred to as an electromagnetic field, which provides the positive and negative charges and attractions for these exchanges to occur. If the transmitted voltages are incorrect, then the nutrient exchange will be different than intended. Also, the DNA replication, Krebb's Cycle, is dependent on the electronic field's accuracy. When the voltage is incorrect, the incorrect voltage will cause a mutated result in the DNA replication, then a mutated cell will be developed, that will be replicated, and the negative duplication continues. This is the initiation of what we refer to as cancer, resulting from incorrect electronic fields resultant of calcium deficiency, and improper pH which determines the ability of specific exchanges to react.

I wrote to a friend, Megan, of the White House, regarding my research and experience, in search of direction to get funding to finish medical school and further research to properly prove the theories to become acceptable by the medical society. The response I got was that it does not get involved with this type of research, and showed no interest to provide any support or guidance.

On Nov. 2, 1997, a Sunday, Diana was scheduled to go home, however, because the chemo destroyed her immunities and bone structure, there were a few changes. There was a schedule surgery to install a femur pin two days before she was released. During the procedure, while she was cut open, fat cells from the marrow got into the blood system, and caused a blockage in the capillaries of her lung. Because she had no immunities due to the radiation and chemo, she had nothing to dissolve the fat cells. The doctors put her on the ventilator and said she would not survive more than 18 hours. Sunday afternoon, she came around, was able to breathe on her own without assistance, and wanted the ventilator off of her. Apparently, the very high vitamin content in her system included Vitamins A, D, & E, which are fat soluble, which acted as her immune system in this case, and dissolved the marrow fat blockages in her lungs. By Wednesday, she was able to walk 10 feet 2 times, Thursday, she was able to walk the hospital halls using crutches.

At this point, she decided it was time to go home, and she felt well enough to carry on outside of the hospital. The hospital totally agreed, as they are astonished with her recovery. Friday, 11/7/97, our parents drove 150 miles to Tampa to pick her up at the hospital, they brought her car with them to their house to take care of her, where her new room was waiting off the den.. She's went home all excited and ready to get her art business up and running again. She said, "Anyone who wants a copy of my Chinese watercolor paintings better get their order in", she had 10 orders almost immediately. She even made arrangements to do a display presentation in the mall, representing one of the cancer society funds, I don't recall which one, though.

She was expected to be able to drive her 5 speed stick shift Bronco on her own within 2 weeks of coming home. She was also sent home to continue the vitamin treatment in attempt to completely recover. After returning home, she decided that she felt so good, that she no longer needed treatment and refused any further vitamin treatment in her attempt to prove that she was cured and was fine.

Because Diana spoke convincingly to her children that she was feeling perfect, her children, John, then 20, and Beth, then 18, did not rush to come see her, as they lived with their dad and step mother in Alabama.

I went down there for Thanksgiving to help take care of final issues and to see Diana for a final time, as it became evident that her body was burnt from the chemo and radiation and that she was declining after she stopped taking the treatments and vitamins a month prior. The pancreatic/stomach - bone cancer started to resume within 1 month after she stopped taking the vitamins. She was determined to prove to us all that she was cured. The difference was that her brother did the research to properly combat it and continues to this day to take the vitamins. As a family, we felt helpless after Diana determined that she was fine and not sick at all. The doctors up by me felt that the vitamins were a strong asset to her original improved condition and that they NOW feel it was the primary cause for the 30% reversal of the tumors. At this time, the NY doctors are considering to try the vitamins on other terminal cases who are willing to try it.

Shortly after, Hospice had started to come to provide the morphine, which increased quickly as her condition accelerated. During my visit, the chaplain from Hospice came to talk to her. She did not want to hear anything about dying and asked him to leave. He agreed that she was a tough one and said Diana doesn't understand the reality of her situation. I think she did understand and decided to dream in a positive manner in effort to deal with the pain, as a form of pain management, which has it's merits when compared to the alternative. When the chaplain returned again a few days later, she talked about funeral arrangements in detail. She wanted to be cremated with no ceremonial expense. She had no money and no insurance of any sort, our family did not have the funds either.

Meanwhile, we had to smile, keep ourselves going, deal with it the best we could, and keep her as comfortable as possible. She stopped eating Thursday 12/4/97, became delirious, and argued with my mother as to whether she took her meds or not. She then went into what is called, "prelude to a coma", where the body shuts down. She, as a patient, spoke without making sense, the intensity of pain reduced, (I guess that is good) because the nervous system shuts down, (this is the reason people feel so good just before they die). However, the hearing becomes extremely acute as it is the last sensory function to remain, and becomes more acute as the other senses shut down, which most people do not realize. Diana took her final breath on December 15, 1997.

I think her Christmas wish was to be at peace and without pain, and maybe this was her way of getting it to come true. We have to look at the quality while we are alive rather than what we will miss. There are people who die young and have accomplished so much in their short years, and there are those who die at very old ages who never accomplished a thing by wasting their lives. We can only maintain our willpower and hope it will get us through the tough times while reaching our many goals. We will never reach all our goals, but if we reach and accomplish goals without stepping or hurting others in the process, then we are leading a life of quality. Regardless of our age, if we generate a successful and qualitative life, we can not ask for more.