Both hyper/ hypo thyroid conditions respond to this program.

1. Observations have shown that most cancer patients have a low functioning thyroid. Medical researchers proclaim that the low functioning thyroid is not a contributing factor to cancer, we disagree. We believe that the low functioning thyroid is a symptom and is affected by the same factors that generate cancer. Instead of treating the thyroid, the factors that cause the malfunction should be addressed, which will improve the biochemistry to allow the sequence of reactions to take place to then result in a normal functioning thyroid.

2. Observations from people with many problems found that their thyroid function improved proportionately to the condition that they had.

3. Those who had hyper function showed a reduction down towards middle normal and those with hypo function showed that their levels rose towards middle normal. It took an average of three months to show a dramatic change. About 50% of all cases we deal with have shown thyroid function abnormality, cancer cases were generally hypo function. Observations showed almost 100% correction of thyroid function. We are being careful to inform you that we are not making any proclamation nor guarantees, however, the observations are what they are.

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