Neurological Conditions


Gerry, now mid 40's, had broken his leg in a skiing accident, he was over anesthetized, causing a blood clot in the base of his brain. Since that point, he developed numerous neurological problems, affecting vision, hearing, speech, constant ringing in his ears, impaired thinking, he was functionally handicapped. He researched over the years different nutritional elements which helped him and had some relief to where he could function at work. It was costing him thousands of dollars monthly to keep up with the vitamins he was taking.

Upon starting the program, he felt almost immediate mental clarity, energy and ability to focus better. Over time, the symptoms rescinded and he has almost no problems at this point. He was able to stop taking the other vitamins, so his expense and time required taking the pills reduced dramatically. Overall, he feels better than he remembered in a long time.

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