Grave's Disease


Loreina, born 1973, had Grave's Disease to where her thyroid was sticking out of her neck, her body was swollen, she walked in a shuffling manner cautiously in pain, moved slightly and controlled her pain by her movements. Her mom drove her to us because Loreina could not drive, she needed help to get up the one step into the house. On April 5, 2003, after talking to Loreina for a half- hour, we gave her dosage one. After an hour, her pain was noticeably reduced, after another half hour, she showed that the swelling in her hands was gone in one hand and mostly gone in the other. The thyroid was not protruding out of her neck as it was before. Two days later, she called to say that all her swelling was almost 100% gone and she felt good. Two more days later, she was planting flowers outside. She had mentioned that the thyroid was no longer sticking out and she felt fine. As of 7-7-03, she does not have any symptoms nor any pain.

Update: 9/10/03 - She returned to her work and cares for her two children without assistance. She went water skiing.

Update: 1/17/04 - She is doing great with no symptoms maintaining a normal lifestyle.

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