Drug Addiction


To whom it may concern:

I was a crack addict for over 5 years, my body changed and I had no interest of anything and I had no self esteem. I was afraid to drive a car because I was not able to think clearly. My family did not want me to live with them, so I lived with my sister. I joined the Unitarian church to get help, the pastor was wonderful. He made sure that I was out of bed and would not allow any excuse, they helped me get through the deep depression. Then, in January 2002, he brought me to Fred's house for help. Fred explained what the drugs did to me and what was required to recover. He made it clear that he had no time for baloney and would not help me if I messed around, there was no "second chance", it was "do it or die", then he wrote a list of requirements and told me that as long as I followed it, I had a better chance to recover, he never guaranteed anything, but he said it was totally up to me to determine whether I was to succeed or fail. I started, and in one week, my energy was full steam, no depression at all, I could focus again and also my body and color went back to the way it used to be. It was a miracle. I went home to see my mom and she started crying and she kept saying "I have my son back, I have my son back"

Today, I drive like I used to, I am learning through BOCES program to be a carpenter, I have interest in everything again and I feel great. I have my life back as though the drugs never existed in my life, and I have made new friends. What is great is that I do not have any interest or craving for any drug or alcohol, it is like all that stuff just left my body and disappeared. I am "ME" again, and at 26 years old, I have a great life ahead of me, and great parents, and it was my sister who helped me to get the help I needed. Thank you everybody for being there for me. Joey 4 - 20 - 02

Update: Joey has been doing well and has sent others to us. There were times where he stopped taking the vitamins and became depressed like earlier times, but he never took any drugs, he was always able to stay drug-free. He then started the vitamins again and has been fine as long as he continues the vitamins.

Update: 1/22/04 - Spring of 2003, Joey opened his own business doing complimentary concrete treatments, which is an interesting art. He loves the work as well as dealing with people. He feels like he got his life back in order now. He has sent a few people to us for help, now, he is trying to help others get off drugs.

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