Liver Cancer


Subj: Re: exciting liver cancer at last stage reversed
Date: 8/8/00 6:48:55 PM Eastern Daylight lime To FEichhorn@

Hi Fred -

My neighbor across the street, Mike, seems to be doing well. He is gaining weight and his doctor has postponed a cat scan test since he seems to be doing satisfactorily.

He walks his dog twice a day and plays golf two or three times a week. He has been diagnosed with Liver cancer, which metastasized from bladder cancer. Mike is 85 years old and was told 1 1/2 years ago that he did not have a year to live.

I am anxious to see what his next cat scan will reveal. However, the doctor keeps postponing it


Update: 6/6/02 - Mike stopped taking the vitamins approximately a few months later, he passed away, however, we are not sure when.

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