Cervical Cancer


Dear Freddie & Lora,

I will tell you a short form of my story. I was opening an Internet cafe in 1998 and I smoked. I decided to try the patch and went for a physical and get the patch. I felt fine and had no pain or problems. The Dr. felt my stomach and then said she wanted a sonogram. I said I wasn't pregnant she said no she didn't think so either. She then handed me a very large cup and said drink this and go have the sonogram they are waiting for you. During the sonogram, I knew by the technician's face that there was a problem.

By the time I got home (10 minutes) the Dr. called twice. She told me I had a tumor and was scheduled for emergency surgery on Monday (this was Friday). I had the operation, 15 pound tumor removed & a partial hysterectomy everything seemed fine. I returned to the Dr. to have the stitches removed and was told that I have cervical cancer. I then had three more operations, during this time, I was talking to a friend and he told me to call Fred. I called and told Fred my problems and he seemed to know everything (medically) I was telling him, I felt I could trust him. He explained the nutritional program, how and why each one worked, so I went and bought them.

Although I had a partial hysterectomy, they then wanted to do a radical hysterectomy, I went for a few second opinions and they all agreed. I decided I wanted another child (my son was 15 years old) all of the doctors disagreed with me. First it would be impossible to conceive and then I wouldn't be able to carry full term. I decided that- that would be in God's hands.

Within two weeks I was pregnant, I didn't tell my Drs that I was taking my nutritional program either. I had no complications during my pregnancy and delivered a full term healthy baby girl. The Drs. said all through that I would have a c-section and then they would do the complete hysterectomy.

Sometime in my eighth month my Dr. said I am going to let you have the baby naturally. The cancer is gone. That was 12-99. I am still taking my nutritional program today. I had difficulty taking it before, but, now it is in a pure form and cheaper, and available in capsule and a milk shake form, which is the easiest thing to take. I feel fine.

Not only do I believe in the nutritional program, I believe Fred saved my sanity. The Drs. wanted to put me on hormones and other things and basically told me that I would be taking drugs for the rest of my life. I did not feel that this would be an option for me. Once you start taking one drug, then you need another to counter act the side effects and before you know it you are taking all of this stuff and you forget who you are. - Liz

UPDATE: 4/2/03, 1/27/04 - Mother and daughter are doing excellent and never even had a cold.

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