Breast Cancer


Barbara - born early 1950's's, Licensed Practical nurse, supervisor of surgical ICU in a hospital. Dx BC in 2001, after 38 radiation treatments, cancer was spread and drs wanted to remove 21 lymph nodes because of cancer present in them. Barbara refused all treatment options, went on nutritional program early spring 2002, by Thanksgiving, there was no evidence of cancer and all lymph nodes were clear. Re-evaluation in February 2003 showed that there was no evidence of cancer anywhere, it was as though she never had it. Her doctors were speechless. She never lost a day of work due to this condition.

UPDATE: 4/2/03 status excellent

March 16, 2003

Currently, I am a 49 year old woman diagnosed with breast cancer in August, 2001. I also had three ovarian cysts. I was told by my doctor I had to get 38 treatments of radiation, which I did. Never Again! My life was hell through that time, and after the treatments were finished, the cancer was more advanced than before they started.

I have been taking my nutritional program 2 years now. First, I started after my radiation treatments ended.

My two year mammogram and sonogram of my breasts was perfect. My three ovarian cysts are GONE. My hair looks healthy with new growth, my skin glows, I feel healthy and my energy level is up. There has been a big change in my bowel habits. No more constipation. Yea! And my sex drive has come alive. My central nervous system is coming alive; it's healing and getting stronger.

Thank you Fred Eichhorn! I will never stop taking my nutritional supplements. The way I look at it, it's a shake or two a day keeps the doctor away! I am an LPN at a major hospital over 20 years.

I also have to tell you about my 22 year-old daughter. She had a bad cough, to the point of choking. She also had a fibroid tumor, bad cramping in her abdomen, back pain, and thinning hair. Now she feels great! No more cough. Her hair is growing beautifully. She started the nutritional program a month and a half ago. Thanks again Fred and Lora!

Barbara M. LPN

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